What to Watch at the Final Clinton-Trump Debate

ABC News' Martha Raddatz and political analyst Matthew Dowd weigh in on Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump going into the final 2016 presidential debate and what to expect from both candidates in Las Vegas.
3:45 | 10/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What to Watch at the Final Clinton-Trump Debate
Meantime, we have our powerhouse political team on the desk. Martha and Matt dowd. Huge stakes for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tonight but first Donald Trump, Matt. We saw the stunt before the last debate. He was there with women who accused Bill Clinton in the past, moments before the debate they were all sitting there during that presser. Now we hear he's bringing president Obama's half brother. The question is does this work and what does Donald Trump really have to achieve tonight? First, don't you guys feel biblical with Martha and Matthew and David. Very good day. No, they don't work. I mean there's something for us in the press and people to talk about and say, oh, isn't that interesting? Doesn't work for Hillary Clinton. It doesn't work for Donald Trump. I mean it's perfect place to do it is Las Vegas to have a stunt. Now if they showed up with Celine Dion it might have impact but these don't matter. What is going to be trump's strategy and what do you make of Rubio suggesting that he stay as way from wikileaks? Well, I actually think -- I totally agree with Marco Rubio in this. It's stolen information, private information and Republicans are in a hypocritical place when they use it because it undermines our democracy and electoral process. I think Donald Trump has to win and he has to win big tonight. He's behind as we've seen in the polls and all the key states and nationally in this. He has to change the dynamic of this race and the only place he can do it from now until election day is tonight. How aggressive do you expect Hillary Clinton to be? I expect her to be assertive but not aggressive and we were talking, robin, before, the worst thing she can do is go into a prevent defense because as we know when you do that you start giving up points. You have to play to win, not play not to lose. Now, David and Martha -- I was just going to say that, really. You stole my sports thing. Martha, you and David, you both have moderated debates. Oh, yes. So much is made about the body language. They didn't shake hands. Donald Trump following Hillary Clinton around the stage so what do you think we can expect tonight? Well, I think we have no idea. When I sat there for the last debate and watched them come out and they didn't shake hands, Michael, I thought, oh, boy, we're in trouble because all that matters and that's the optics of all this and people look at that and very from the get-go when they looked at each other and did not shake hands, the body language, you could just feel it in that debate hall. I'm looking at these debate hall pictures and just sort of having memories of being terrified and on the spot there but him walking around, you could just feel it and you know it's a little different on television than what you feel in the room but it was probably even bigger on television. Going to be a little different. This is not a town hall. Not a town hall so they have to talk just to each other so they can't walk around and probably just stay behind the podium. You were amazing, by the way. Even on "Snl" their portrayal of you, I loved it. They were amazing on "Snl." They nailed it. It was a good Martha. Good question for you. On Hillary Clinton you hear the stamina argument from Donald Trump. Her taking several days off to prep. Take a look at in this morning. All the debate prep. Listen. My vision of America is an America where everyone has a place. Literally using her words, they're trying to get under her skin with her preparation. She's been smart. If you think about it this way, Donald Trump is in a series of rallies basically totaling 200,000. These three debates will have an audience of 200 million people. So if you want to be game on, you want to be game on when the largest audience is there. When the lights are on. Great book ends, don't you think? It was fun. And the final presidential debate as you know is tonight. You can see it right here on ABC. David will be joining George who is anchoring our live coverage with our entire political team starting at 9 P.M. Eastern time.

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{"id":42900764,"title":"What to Watch at the Final Clinton-Trump Debate","duration":"3:45","description":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz and political analyst Matthew Dowd weigh in on Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump going into the final 2016 presidential debate and what to expect from both candidates in Las Vegas.","url":"/GMA/video/watch-final-clinton-trump-debate-42900764","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}