GMA Epic Wedding Showdown: Meet the Couples

Four couples will battle it out for a dream wedding on GMA live on Valentine's Day.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for GMA Epic Wedding Showdown: Meet the Couples
Have you ready it is time to kick off our GMA -- -- -- wedding -- now. -- I'm out this week for a dream weddings right here on GMA live on Valentine's Day with -- John Legend. As the wedding singer I mean does -- give -- than that. It won't be easy to help we've got three days of serious competition had -- one couple will be eliminated they have been warming up all morning long. First though we want you don't understand who they are. It is the battle of the brides the fight to the finish up beyond saying this. GMA is -- wedding -- down -- featuring four engaged couples. -- together took -- out -- failed to -- nearly 700 couples from all over the country entered for the chance to win a wedding on live TV in our studio on Valentine's Day. For couples stood out including Alex and Jeremy of Pennsylvania. Talk about competitive. He's a former assistant coach to the US Olympic softball team she's the youngest of five which means she's always had to compete to be heard. -- were drawn to each other thanks to a mutual love of family and faith I think it comes down -- -- miles and isn't what we believe in everything. Then there's Christian every from Houston -- and college and get desk a Brea was so certain Chris was the one. She spent their first date mapping out their entire wedding. Clothing and would run right. But he he's that they're adding called -- the next day -- is set to -- her doctorate in plant pathology is -- and says she's looking forward to adding an -- asked to work Ph.D. Next up it's -- -- -- of San Diego Lorenz an icu nurse and Sergio in the Marines. He proposed on bended knee last month after a tour in Afghanistan -- -- -- right. Students and there. Finally there are are over commerce. Britney and Paul who resides just outside Syracuse, New York three -- years ago Britney was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 27. All never left her side through operations. And multiple rounds of chemo. Such a good feeling to have to know that somebody truly is there for -- for words -- -- Balt. And -- he told me how beautiful and -- Now cancer free Britney says she's ready to make her vows on national TV so -- -- live on GMA. It won't be -- -- secret for long it's GMA is -- wedding showdown and it starts now. Let's -- -- that begin and everybody really needs them reds need. Jeremy. Yeah yeah yeah. Au prince and your name's Maria up -- you go girl yeah. Already. Amos and -- Leon green -- in. And Britney welcome to the class of the -- obstacle course you feeling -- Why not take this is not a game goes let me sleep every got their rights for the guys have to put on right away into the suit and can't can't forget one. Women into the -- and -- got to get both then you but -- holding hands picked up betray each. Walked -- I'll that is your color threats right together right should -- Because as how life's going to be friends -- the senate -- yeah. Your arms. Take -- celebratory send. That's the for at the second step -- this sea of -- inside the color of your -- K. It's happening and they got -- -- I didn't together and you have to get out together. Once you've got it all you come hand in hand. -- ring that bell and my friends. The one -- yeah. Yeah. Everybody doesn't want -- comedians. And hear an inability to got a. -- you know the reason that we remain impartial here at GM magnets we need you -- nature who wins guys -- couples here obviously the first two couples to get. First and second -- are safe. The bottom to one of -- will be eliminated with your help the -- -- the viewers a guy three days of competitions only one. Can be married live on GMA -- magic. Should we -- -- preparing -- Okay. And I and I -- he was looking guess -- not I don't know the. Okay. OK and do okay it's. Okay. Okay okay. -- -- And -- -- And I. -- -- That was beyond -- Saint -- Craig she and -- what is. A what are -- it was fabulous. I'm Nancy blow let go ahead they let their hands nobody rung the bell a big comeback and got -- back so good for you but it was a great race who -- -- competition who we have a winner. Part of the winner the winning couple -- their talks their gowns frequent client held as part of our wonderful wedding package more goodies I mean it doesn't get -- Well I am not ricocheting to first -- of the GMA -- -- wedding showdown epic indeed sure rod is Danson overhead. That's our first place coupled -- the ballot to finish line earlier all four couples. Battled it out on the obstacle course only three of these couples can move on to compete tomorrow are -- she Roddick watched closely. In first place. Team -- And -- -- YouTube viewers to vote. For our bottom two couples the couple that got more votes from Margie on the GMA viewers will advance the other couple sadly need to go -- shall ride the envelope please and oh yeah. The public dancing on the epic -- showdown George they statement. This. Yeah. -- -- Advanced team -- do so it's okay children. Great great job great great --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Four couples will battle it out for a dream wedding on GMA live on Valentine's Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22373464","title":"GMA Epic Wedding Showdown: Meet the Couples","url":"/GMA/video/wedding-couples-battle-dream-wedding-valentines-day-live-22373464"}