Women's 100-Pound Weight Loss Secret: Hard Work

Dawn Bryant and Maria Jarosh discuss what inspired them to tackle their weight problem in People magazine.
4:28 | 08/09/13

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Transcript for Women's 100-Pound Weight Loss Secret: Hard Work
index," very inspiring weight loss stories. We're about to meet two amazing women, who lost 100 pounds or more. Their stories are featured in the current issue of "people" magazine, which is on newsstands now. We'll meet them in a moment. First, a look at all of their incredible stories. Let's go. Reporter: These days, 37-year-old dawn bryant and 21-year-old maria, are leading different lives from not so long ago. I lost 105 pounds within a year. I have lost 130 pounds in about 13 months. Reporter: They both battled with body image. And revealed their struggles and successes in the latest issue of "people" magazine. My life revolved around every meal. For lunch, I might have that one-pound bag of peas. Reporter: Bryant realized she needed to do something. I trained with my trainer at least once a day for an hour, six days a week. Reporter: She went from 266 pounds to an incredible 140 pounds. And reveals her eating tips to "people" magazine. For breakfast, oatmeal, mixed with a scoop of protein powder. For lunch, hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese and an apple. For dinner, grilled chicken. Knowing I lost so much weight is surreal. Reporter: A sentiment that maria echoes. I was embarrassed by all of it. Reporter: She says her lowest point was when she was in high school. I was always the bigger girl in school. Reporter: So, she joined weight watchers and went from 240 pounds to a whopping 138 pounds. And tells "people" her eating advice. For breakfast, a whole wheat muffin with peanut butter. For lunch, whole pete pizza. For dinner, shrimp stir fry. Now, I love to go bikini shopping. A bikini is just a sign of what I've accomplished. Reporter: An accomplishment also felt by maya and lindsay, who also lost over 100 pounds each, a weight loss you have to see to believe. We're about to make believers out of all of you. We have michelle with us, senior editor of "people" magazine. We have the big reveals. Let's look at maya and lindsay before their makeovers. And there they are. We decided to do an umbrella reveal. Let's see what they look like now. Here we go. Amazing. Wow. I mean, that is so impressive, michelle. I nope. My first thought was going to be, why did you pick these two ladies? I see why. This was a tremendous amount of work. Absolutely. They look fantastic in swimsuits. But they also have great inspiring stories. And lindsay came through college. Had the weight loss in a year. And came out of it looking fantastic. That's the important point. Weight loss in a year. This is good, old-fashioned, hard work. No magic pill they took. We would never take anything away from their hard work. This is their hard work, determination and healthy attitudes. You lost 101 pounds entirely on your own. Yes. Talk about that hard work. How did you do it? Well, I just adjusfirst adjusted my eating habits. Then, I started eating frozen entrees for lunch and dinner. Healthy choice or lean cuisine. 100-calorie snacks between. And no more of this? This is a banana mayonnaise sandwich. Lots of doritos. And your new snack? My custom protein shake. Protein, a little banana. Better call. Lindsay, I know you lost a tremendous amount of weight. Over 100 pounds. 24 years old. Look at you. You're like a model now. Thank you. I know. It was is pretty tense. I used to eat cheese fries all the time. Loaded freeze fries. Cheese, bacon. New snack? I do a healthier version of bar food nachos. I'll do corn chips and veggies. Instead of sour cream, I do

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{"id":19914176,"title":"Women's 100-Pound Weight Loss Secret: Hard Work","duration":"4:28","description":"Dawn Bryant and Maria Jarosh discuss what inspired them to tackle their weight problem in People magazine.","url":"/GMA/video/weight-loss-tips-womens-100-pound-weight-loss-19914176","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}