Wendy Williams' Emotional On-Air Breakdown

The talk show host opened up about her teenage son choosing his father over her.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wendy Williams' Emotional On-Air Breakdown
That's pretty emotional breakdown Wendi Williams had on the show the other day open about about the trouble she's had with a teenage son seems to accusing his father overheard. Continue through it runs pretty heartbreaking confession got back home. She's the brash and quality former radio shock jock gets turned TV talk show -- did anybody -- of an open marriage. -- This week Wendy Williams revealed how much softer side. Bursting into tears during this on camera meltdown about her strained relationship with her teenage son. What I discovered that we got -- -- -- doesn't like me anymore. As part of her intimate confession Williams revealed that her son seems to -- as the enforcer while he sees his father as a friend. All into what's bothering you know thirteen year -- -- I was the same -- when I was thirteen but it's breaking my heart. He's a body they talk sneaker pickle for haircuts they speed off in the cart event on the left there feeling like -- so kids -- -- -- -- It's a struggle so many women can relate to. Comical in shows like modern family -- you Jenner split up 5% in front of their Steve good arguments against. Until that you know -- come with me but painful in real life in many -- -- Mom -- the manager of the family which means they're telling you what to do and when to do it. Not there -- to be the fun guy if that's happening with consistency and the child really doesn't enjoy being with the mother. When we reached out to Williams she had no comment but behind the scenes Williams continued his candid concession system -- it was that you're going to be. More likable than your own -- because it. I -- the work Cole because Cole and replies I'm trying to be as I am not trying to be -- -- his mother for Good Morning America juju Chang ABC news New York. Lot of reaction onto it in his -- Melissa tweeted I know my son prefers my husband over me LOL I'm the one who has roles and can become a follower says. They do this in stages throughout their lives and to ultimately be different things from each parent get in stages students can't think that my very eyes. -- Erica Souter edit registered back come back again. Today but this really did seem to strike deep with the -- And then it hit every parent -- -- because every parent can relate to read yes you know it's what a great way to you've gone through with fifteen or you -- pre teens know it's coming. And when your kid throws I hate you I don't like you leave -- -- -- He didn't you immediately start -- yourself about the Q where -- I go wrong if you work. -- -- elegance and enough time with him or her. So I think that's when he's going to -- she's too little bit of guilt but she -- -- -- -- -- -- yesterday morning but I didn't blame myself first. -- -- -- -- That's been great having parent has to do this -- -- I -- we all joke about all of those teen years for the saying that the effect it would wasn't particularly with their mothers who have very special -- right now this is not the time we just -- into their room into okay -- it and I. This time we give them a little bit of space still -- a growing have a little bit of privacy -- Couric but it's what's necessary. -- -- but she spent at the end you know I'm not trying to be -- Fran -- on his mother and I think that's also a where parents consent. Can step -- -- maybe we can you know trying to be. Appear rather than a Roma right there are -- you really is that if -- -- hit he took some point you're probably doing something right. If you're not supposed to be their best -- specifically the disciplinarian if there's a set of rules were supposed to shaped that into future. Adult it is even so -- aren't likely turn out to be a much better very much I know very strict parent I know any of us. And they became my best friends in the -- not during the -- years but. Boy night. That's what's gonna get over that hurdle it's -- but there's no. One size fits complicate your teen everything twenty something different -- and self esteem issues to be boyfriend her property issues it could be just wanting to grow and -- -- independent. If you -- with cancer -- as much as you can't. And try and let them know that you hear event and give them a little bit of space we. And to realize they're blessed to have a mother -- a -- that's doing all their lives right now thank you so much straight ahead of us over Britain they're certainly was.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The talk show host opened up about her teenage son choosing his father over her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21620666","title":"Wendy Williams' Emotional On-Air Breakdown","url":"/GMA/video/wendy-williams-emotional-air-breakdown-21620666"}