Wendy Williams Enters Seventh Season on Television

The bestselling author, producer, and fashion designer has just surpassed 1,000 episodes on her hit talk show, 'The Wendy Williams Show'.
5:17 | 09/18/15

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Transcript for Wendy Williams Enters Seventh Season on Television
Emily: Thank you. We will be back passed the 1,000 episode mark. It airs in 52 countries but Wendy does so much more. A best-selling author, producer, entrepreneur, fashion designer and would you please welcome Wendy Williams here to "Good morning America." Do people -- do they greet you like that all the time. I hear it a thousand times a day. It never gets dumb to me. How you doing? Well, how are you doing? I'm doing well. We just -- well, today is the fifth day of our new season, season seven of "Wendy" as you know, it's very difficult to maintain. You know what, for all those haters out there, when you made the transition from radio to TV and they said it wouldn't last, Wendy. A lot of people did. Here it is the seventh seas season. Why do you think you've been able to be here -- A great support system. My Kevin is at home. My staff at the studio. I moisturize. You know, I know how to go to bed early. I know how to say no to a lot of minutia outside of my life. You know, people invite you to do thing, no, huh-uh. Nope, going home. Yes. And you have to learn -- you have to know that "No" is a complete sentence. You can just say no and leave it at that. No has two syllables. No-o. You keep so incredibly active. Fashion week, you're a designer. What is your inspiration? Sounds funny to hear that, but, yeah, io have a line of clothing on HSN and the next time I go back, we'll be September 26th and I'll present my winter and holiday line. This is one of my dresses. Everything is under $100. And, yes, I am part of every bit of beating and fabric and every button and zipper like this zipper is not right. We need more. They show me 100 zippers and I don't like them until I see the 110th. Are you -- you that way about your show, as well? I have to say going there, it is like a full-on party. It is. It's like a club. Everyone is having so much fun. Sloppy but fun. I wouldn't say -- why do you say sloppy? Because, you know, I wipe my teeth, my wig. You know, we talk about mess but I love it, robin, I'm the host but I'm also an executive producer on the show. So, yes, you know, and then I'm the only one who walks out of the double doors so no matter what everyone puts in my head when I get out there, I'm going to do what I want. You tell it like it is. What is a phrase you're using. Say it like you mean it. What do you mean by that? Well, you know, I'm from Jersey and, you know, we just get right in there. And, you know, welcome back to "Gma." We have a very raucous Friday crowd here in tooimentz this morning. It'll be a great weekend. Tomorrow I for an organization close to our hearts. Be the match holding5k walk and run in cities across the Y. Get a lot more infon on that by going to bethematchwalkrun.org. Tomorrow is her third birthday for robin, that lifesaving transplant. Happy birthday. So happy about the run and I know ginger is participating in the run this weekend to help the hungry, so, ah, three yearsold. You know that, Wendy, I'm 3 years old.tle baby. You look it too. Fantastic. I don't look a day over 2. I'm here with Wendy Williams. Her show has Su it was so fun. Thank you, everybody, who came out. Don't you tell them what we talked about, okay. Oh, come on. And, you know, the clothing line and every Friday night at 9:00 I do have my show on the id channel called "Death by gossip." Do you watch the id -- I do. You know everybody ends up -- I know. Don't tell me -- Dead like something happens and somebody dies. Tonight's episode is about -- it takes place during christmastime and it involves S & M, it involves a bomb that blows up in a Christmas gift and some kinkiness. Well, you kind -- And, of course, somebody dies. All of that in one show. Yes. 9:00 tonight. We know you like to be at home. You got a new dog and everything. We know you like robes so do we have -- don't we have a gift here? I'm the queen of all robes. Where is the gift? Oh, my god. We had this wonderful gift that I was told that we had for you, but we'll get it for you later. I'll take it on my way out. I don't care. Do you love a robe. Yes. My hashtag name is Mrs Mrs. Roper. Do you know what I mean? I remember that. You are here to stay, Wendy, thank you, thank you. I can't wait be to back. "The Wendy Williams show" airs weekdays get your local listings.

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{"id":33856262,"title":"Wendy Williams Enters Seventh Season on Television","duration":"5:17","description":"The bestselling author, producer, and fashion designer has just surpassed 1,000 episodes on her hit talk show, 'The Wendy Williams Show'.","url":"/GMA/video/wendy-williams-enters-seventh-season-television-33856262","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}