Texas Explosion Witness: 'Whole Streets, Houses Destroyed'

Sharon Middlebrook rushed toward the fire to rescue her sister-in-law at a nursing home near plant.
3:00 | 04/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Explosion Witness: 'Whole Streets, Houses Destroyed'
And moments ago I spoke to an eyewitness who rushed toward the fire to rescue her sister-in-law in that nursing home near the plant. Here's what sharon middlebrook saw when she got there. I could see windows had been blown out. I could see a lot of debris inside the rest home. Everybody there was helping move the residents across the street to the parking lot. Wheelchairs were being pushed on the street. We were carrying them. First responders were all there in their trucks and their vehicles, anybody in the area was there to move residents to the football field. And your sister-in-law, had she gotten out of the nursing home before the ceiling collapsed? She said the ceiling collapsed on her and when she got to the hospital and they removed her -- the covers and things she was covered with broken glass. She's totally disabled but she couldn't get out at all but the staff got her out. She must have been one of the first ones out because by the time I got to the rest home i couldn't find her. I was going up and down the street trying to find out. I can't imagine you've ever seen anything like this before. No, no, you could imagine whole streets, the houses have been destroyed. When I left my sister's house heading for the re home there was a family out at the end of the curb just had nowhere to go. I gave them a ride to one street over and this is I guess maybe two blocks and that house had even been destroyed or at least glass everywhere. Well, thank you for joining us this morning. We hope she recovers quickly. We know how devastating this has been for the whole town.

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{"id":18986501,"title":"Texas Explosion Witness: 'Whole Streets, Houses Destroyed'","duration":"3:00","description":"Sharon Middlebrook rushed toward the fire to rescue her sister-in-law at a nursing home near plant.","url":"/GMA/video/west-texas-fertilizer-plant-explosion-witness-streets-houses-18986501","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}