Sajak Reveals Reason for 1-Day Job Switch With Vanna White

Game-show legend joins co-host Vanna White in giving "GMA" a tour of their traveling set.
5:54 | 04/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sajak Reveals Reason for 1-Day Job Switch With Vanna White
Can you say it in your game show voice? "Game show confidential," here's lara. Thank you, sam. While you look at the puzzle board behind me, I want to show you at home what happens behind the scenes at one of the most popular game shows of all-time. What a treat to be behind the scenes. When merv griffin first created it, "wheel of fortune" was called shopper's bizarre. Chuck woolery and susan stafford. Pat in 1981. Vanna, in 1982. And the rest is tv history. "Wheel of fortune." Pat sajak and vanna white. Reporter: They are america's first family of the alphabet. I'm so excited to be in the new york version of "the wheel." That's aot like the california version, except it's farther east. Reporter: The fred and ginger of puzzles. Giving away over $200 million since the show's beginning. It's money. Reporter: Here's a little-known fact about "the wheel." I emphasize the. There's only one wheel. I swear to you. I thought we had a travel wheel. Reporter: That's right. There is only one wheel, which must be broken down and put back together whenever the show goes on the road. What do I need to know about spinning the wheel? First of all, it's heavier than you think. Reporter: Should I warm up or stretch? All right. That is heavy. That was the worst spin ever. That was the wimpiest spin. Reporter: Can I have a do-over. I may look weak. But in all fairness, the wheel weighs over 2,000 pounds. Another secret -- this is an elevated floor. If you're a shorter player, they will raise you up so you can reach the wheel. If you're a taller player -- going down. When you spin the wheel, don't look at the wheel. Look at the puzzle. Use all your time. Reporter: Which brings us to vanna's home away from home, the puzzle board. 15 years ago, we changed to touching the letters instead of turning them. I said, is there any way you can make any job easier? I didn't really say that. Reporter: The latest board is a high-tech wonder, featuring 52 touch-screen televis turned on their side. I can touch on that bar and it will light up. The vowels are a-e-i-o-u. I did her job one day. I had laryngitis, I had it so bad. I couldn't get through the bonus round. Reporter: That's hysterical. He didn't put my dress on. I'm exhausted. Just for today, I'm going to let you touch a letter and light it up. Oh, you're doing that really well. I'm kind of nervous. Reporter: Don't be nervous. No? She did that really well, too. Turn the rest of them and let's see what the puzzle is. Reporter: Okay. The one and only -- robin roberts. And dresses? My gosh. Look at all these dresses. Reporter: Sparkles. The purples. The pink. The sheer. Oh, my. Vanna has won over 5,700 gowns. And never the same one twice. They send the clothes here. I try them on. And they all go back after i finish. I don't get to keep any of them. Reporter: Does it feel a little cinderella? Yes, it does. Or barbie doll. Reporter: The key of the wheel's success is due in part to its hosts. You have been here -- forever. Reporter: For over 30 years. Happy anniversary. We don't t ourselves seriously. But we take the show seriously. It's important to the people who watch it. It's important to the people who play every day. Reporter: Do u get nervous anymore? No. Reporter: They just love their job. One more secret. I know why they love their job so much. You know they work 35 days a year? Oh. But during the 35 days, they work really hard. They tape five to six shows a day. But 35 days a year. That reminds me, we have one more puzzle. Are you ready? Let's do it. This is our puzzle. Hopefully you listened to one of the secrets. While you're spinning, you should be looking at the pzle board, not the wheel. Do you want to buy a letter? Buy the vowel, you get the letter for free. Guess something. "H." Oh. I'd like to -- I'd like to have an "m," please. You know. You look much more graceful. This puzing is like me right now. Does that give you a clue that's a hot mess. Correct, sam. Thank you. Very, very good. And that is a common "gma" phrase said by, the one and only george stephanopoulos. Take a look. I limit this to once or twice a year in the first half hour. But the phrase hot mess. Hot mess. Hot mess. Hot mess. Well, and I was a hot mess. Hopefully you enjoyed my "game show confidential." Is the wheel really hard? The wheel is 2,000 pounds. And one wheel exists. It's something they disable and put back together wherever they travel. And it's heavy. 5,700 gowns. Never one twice. Not one repeat. Incredible. That looks like so much fun. It was so much fun. I wish you had been there, sam. Me, too. I wish I could have been there with you. I have to run outside.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Game-show legend joins co-host Vanna White in giving \"GMA\" a tour of their traveling set.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19049643","title":"Sajak Reveals Reason for 1-Day Job Switch With Vanna White","url":"/GMA/video/wheel-fortune-tips-secrets-revealed-pat-sajak-vanna-19049643"}