White House deals with Russia investigations, UCLA players

ABC News Cecilia Vega and political analyst Matthew Dowd discuss the impact of the Russia investigations on the Trump administration and Trump's tweets about the UCLA players accused of shoplifting in China.
2:55 | 11/20/17

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Transcript for White House deals with Russia investigations, UCLA players
As for her senior White House correspondent say they also our chief political analyst Matthew Dowd right here with me to seal let me begin with you we just saw that reporting from Pierre. Muller now reaching into the Justice Department also reaching pretty deep now in the White House it is clear the president is also being investigated. Yes he just a few days ago George said that he himself is not under investigation but and eat as you say certainly his top aides is close advisors. Are definitely part of this probe impacted just coming days we know that one of his close to see hope hicks the comedic were indications rector here. At the White House will be sitting down with Muller's investigators saying for White House counsel John McGann. But George publicly look no one here are saying that they're nervous this is very much business as usual for this White House. Privately we know everyone here has lawyers you you can imagine that certainly this is not front and an ex senator and at many minds here as my ass. Excellent mad that he knows from experience as well I ran into a trap associate yesterday who says once he needs this situation inside the White House is Everyman for himself. Absolutely they're gonna me looking for their pathway exit out of this thing I think the problem is is that everybody in the Trump Organization from the president on down said there's been no contacts. With the Russians had said there was no contacts with the Russian trap we now though there's been thirty or forty plus context that they figured out in this. Either mass amnesia for the Russians have one of those generalize this from man black neglect and time if they meet with the Russians. Let's talk about Roy Moore as Rosa C a pretty clear over the weekend yesterday and this week and did the president's legislative director Marc short. On there that they want this issue is Roy Moore these questions about where mores accusers should just go away. I dirt they want to talk about tax reforms this week I mean this is front and center at their legislative agenda but. You pushed mark short repeatedly during that interview as as we have here at the White House push eight. To ask whether the president is comfortable with Roy Moore. Being the next sitting senator from Alabama and you can't get a straight answer here I was struck by another eight U on the Sunday shows. Said that he doesn't know if who that the president doesn't know. Who believe when it comes to Roy Morse or his accusers so a lot of questions still remember we've not heard directly from the president on this one you. A lose lose for the White House. It's absolutely a lose lose with a White House the president acting in the midst of all of this every single step he seems to make in this is impacted his tweets yesterday I think are perfect example. About how we only hurts himself in this. Jeff flake he attacks Jeff flake. There's no easy out an attack though he needs he goes after his dispute with Lavar ball saying basically should leave the basketball players. In in her in China in the midst of this known knows really fully why he's doing as I have one carried out. He is mad about Lavar balls about a shoe line the big ball or life. I think Donald Trump has his own shoe line air grievances have occurred creek Texas pure tart overnight. I thought you talked about a minute blasting. You like it very good tonight. Thank you.

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{"id":51271416,"title":"White House deals with Russia investigations, UCLA players","duration":"2:55","description":"ABC News Cecilia Vega and political analyst Matthew Dowd discuss the impact of the Russia investigations on the Trump administration and Trump's tweets about the UCLA players accused of shoplifting in China.","url":"/GMA/video/white-house-deals-russia-investigations-ucla-players-51271416","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}