White House tries to recover from self-inflicted wounds

Author Chris Whipple and WDBO radio host Joe Kelley join "GMA" to discuss how the White House is handling its latest bombshell crises and whether Trump voters are standing by the president.
7:07 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for White House tries to recover from self-inflicted wounds
Public silence this morning, talk of chaos behind the scenes after that new report that president trump asked former FBI drb James Comey to shut down the investigation too former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Now lawmakers from both parties on capitol hill requesting Comey's notes from that oval office meeting. So much going on, especially in the last couple of weeks and it's hard to keep track of everything so we want to give everybody a quick recap. On may 4th. 13 days ago the Republican health care bill passed the house. Then on the 9th president trump fired FBI director James Comey. Then on the 15th that report came out that trump shared classified intelligence with those Russian authorities and yesterday we learned of that report that trump asked Comey to stand down on the Flynn investigation. The trump white house is reeling from a series of self-inflicted wounds. Big question will president trump's supporters continue to stand by their man and what can the white house do to turn things around? We'll get to that after this report from Tom llamas. Reporter: George, good morning. President trump campaigned on being the outsider that could fix Washington but now his white house needs some fixing and the architect of all this trouble appears to be the president himself. This morning, the trump white house again facing an outbreak of dpajiamaging headlines. The latest salvo against the president. After that bombshell revelation, the president allegedly asked then FBI director James Comey to back off that investigation into then national security adviser Michael Flynn. The lates firestorm to hit the west wing just this week. Did you share classified intelligence information with the Russians? Thank you very much. Reporter: Buzzfeed showing reporters crowding Sean spicer's office Monday night demanding comment to a report that the president allegedly compromised classified intelligence to the Russians. Staffers reportedly turning up the volume on TV sets in the west wing to drown out the sound of their shouting. The president's national security adviser forced to explain. The president in no way compromised any sources or methods. Reporter: This just one week after the president fired Comey. President trump directly contradicting his own press secretary. The deputy attorney general determined that the FBI director lost his confidence and forwarded that recommendation to the attorney general and the president agreed with it. I was going to fire regardless of recommendation. Reporter: The night of the firing reports Sean spicer was standing near some tall bushes to avoid TV cameras. That news inspiring this Facebook DIY lawn ornament. "Snl" also having a field day. I thought he's investigating Russia. I don't like that. I should fire him. And you're just admitting that?but that's obstruction of justice. Sure, okay. Wait, so, did I get him? Is this all over? Oh, no, I didn't. Nothing matters, absolutely nothing matters anymore. Reporter: All jokes aside some saying this may be the pose chaotic white house ever. During the watergate scandal there were many people around the white house who were competently doing the business of government. But in the trump white house there's only one in charge, Donald Trump. Reporter: Supporters claim it's the media in a frenzy and that the real story is the white house leaks to reporters. There's a weasel here. It's the traitor who disclosed these facts to "The Washington post." Reporter: One Republican did predict this but voters largely ignored him. At a debate in December of 2015 Jeb Bush declared Donald Trump is a chaos candidate and he would be a chaos president. George. Okay, Tom llamas, thanks very much. More on this from Chris Whipple author of "The gatekeepers: How the white house chiefs of staff define every presidency" and Joe Kelley from wbdo in Orlando, Florida. Lots of white houses have rocky starts. I was part of one of them but nothing like this. No, I mean this white house has been broken from day one. You know, now it's in full-blown chaos and, you know, obviously a lot of that is on the president himself. But in one respect, it shouldn't be that surprising. I mean Donald Trump thinks he can run the white house the way he ran his Manhattan real estate firm with aides, senior aides coming and going. Nobody empowered as first among equals. No chain of command and the result is the chaos that we're seeing right now. You know, this has been -- Jerry Ford tried it and called it the spokes of the wheel with Ford at the center. It was a disaster. After a month he abandoned and picked a chief don Rumsfeld. Joe Kelley, we talked a few weeks back. You said nothing was shaking trump's voters from their support. And, George, that's still the case today. We've been talking to our listeners all morning long and they're not even remotely disturbed by these latest reports. If James Comey has this letter, this memo, some of them are calling it a dead man switch. The question becomes why was he sitting on this memo for three months if it is that bad of a memo, if the president committed some sort of horrible obstruction of justice, why didn't James Comey go to the A.G. Or deputy A.G. Three months ago and our listeners instead of looking at blaming president trump over this, they're disturbed but with James Comey. They blame James Comey back during the Clinton e-mail investigation era. Yeah, but they want him to go farther with Clinton and indict. This is the most serious one of all but you've seen the compromise of the intelligence at some level can't seem to get anything real achieved right now, nothing shaking them? No, not from our listeners' perspectives and I know that can be sometimes hard to understand because of the daily drumbeat of information that comes out of this white house and that we see in the "Washington post" and "The New York Times" but if you can't sympathize with the trump white house and president trump himself, I think you fail to realize the absolute distrust that red state America has for "The Washington post" and for "The New York Times" and for the Washington establishment. Okay, and, Chris, you talked to 17 chiefs of staff in writing your book. To distill that wisdom down and come up with a battle plan of recovery for president trump. Every president learns the hard way you have to empower a white house chief of staff as first among equals in order to govern effectively because that person has to execute your agenda and also most importantly tell you what you don't want to hear. You need to have a gwn-up in the room. I mean Leon Panetta for bill Clinton, Jim baker for Ronald Reagan could walk into the oval office and say, Mr. President, you cannot go down this road for the following reasons. There's no evidence that Donald Trump wants to have that person in the room but he needs it desperately. Chris Whipple, Joe Kelley, thanks very much.

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{"id":47456955,"title":"White House tries to recover from self-inflicted wounds","duration":"7:07","description":"Author Chris Whipple and WDBO radio host Joe Kelley join \"GMA\" to discuss how the White House is handling its latest bombshell crises and whether Trump voters are standing by the president.","url":"/GMA/video/white-house-recover-inflicted-wounds-47456955","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}