Alleged Mob Boss on Trial in 19 Killings

Whitey Bulger, 83, was a fugitive on the FBI's most-wanted list for years.
2:11 | 06/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Mob Boss on Trial in 19 Killings
Thanks for that. Another big trial for one of america's most notorious mobsters. Whitey bulger is a fugitive for years on the fbi's most wanted list and now almost two years after he was found in santa ponca, bulger will begin to face justice in boston and linsey davis is covering the case. Reporter: In just a few hours jury selection will begin in a boston federal court on a 32-count indictment against the now 83-year-old alleged mobster, prosecutors say that for nearly 30 years while running boston's infamous winter hill gang bulger had a role in the murder of 19 people. It was a huge get for the fbi to find him. Only one to do what I do is me. Reporter: His life in the mob inspired books and movies including the oscar-winning film "the departed." Sort of thing. Reporter: He was to be indicted back in 1994 but fled after being tipped off by his former fbi handler john connolly. Connelly is now serving 40 years in prison. But bulger successfully evaded authorities until the fbi decided to change the focus of its search to longtime girlfriend katherine greg. Have you seen this woman? Investigators followed up on a tip that led to their capture in santa monica, almost two years ago. Bulger will come face to face not only with the faces of victims prosecutors say he helped to murder but has his former mob associates including former hit men who admitted to taking part in dozens of murders. Bulger has pled not guilty. I think whitey bulger's best defense is going to be the road traveled through challenging the credibility of the witnesses against him. Reporter: Bulger's defense plans to call close to 80 witnesses to testify. Bulger is expected to be among them. Close to 700 potential jurors are expected to be interviewed. Because bulger is such a well hoover known name in the area there is concern it will be difficult to find 18 unbiased people. Some are calling this the criminal trial of the century. It's expected to last until september. A lot of people will be following this one, as well.

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{"id":19319114,"title":"Alleged Mob Boss on Trial in 19 Killings","duration":"2:11","description":"Whitey Bulger, 83, was a fugitive on the FBI's most-wanted list for years.","url":"/GMA/video/whitey-bulger-murder-trial-alleged-mob-boss-trial-19319114","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}