Wild Menu Features Exotic Animals as Main Dish

Animal lovers are in uproar over Tampa taco joint's latest addition to dining options.
2:09 | 05/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wild Menu Features Exotic Animals as Main Dish
Well, for those of you eating your morning cereal you may want to put your spoon down for our next story. No surprise that more and more restaurants are adding exotic dishes to their menus these days, chefs all over are pushing limits but one place in florida is taking things to a whole new level and feeling the heat for their wild tacos. We sent abc's matt gutman to check it out. Reporter: Anything this good could cause such an uproar. Taco fusion, the pride of tampa, well, sort of began offering them filled with fresh lion meat earlier this week. It hasn't exactly been a roaring success. The offering is being mauled by some animal lovers mostly online. Coming in to the establishment and throwing punches and things like that, they'll bomb up, blow us up, i mean just silly, ridiculous statements. Reporter: But barnett decided to sell even more lions, which is endangered but legal to sell and eat in the u.S. I just fou a shipment yesterday of 50 more pounds of lion meat. Reporter: Only one thing for a reporter to do. That's lion meat, huh? How much does this cost a pound? 220 bucks. Reporter: Which means each taco, 5 bucks. There's my lion going right into a taco and the moment of truth. The flavor is good and I wasn't the only one, finding herds of folk on the hunt for some lion. Same here because they were on the news with tacos that you normally wouldn't eat that you don't hear of so we wanted to come and try them out. Reporter: They did. What's the verdict? Lion isn't the main afaction here. Ostrich, otter and bison can all be found on the menu of this noah's ark of exotic cuisine where lions may be the kings of the jungle but camels are the kings of the kitchen. So. Reporter: Camel meat down the hatch. Mm-mm. For "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, tampa.

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{"id":19157823,"title":"Wild Menu Features Exotic Animals as Main Dish","duration":"2:09","description":"Animal lovers are in uproar over Tampa taco joint's latest addition to dining options.","url":"/GMA/video/wild-menu-features-exotic-animals-main-dish-19157823","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}