Wildfires Continue to Burn in California

After all the damage, the 17,000 evacuees wonder when they will be able to go home.
1:44 | 09/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wildfires Continue to Burn in California
Could that help you relieve your pain, details. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning. 900 people are sleeping in the tens behind me. Four other encampments like. This not everyone here has lost their home but none can go back partly because of those wildfires that we saw raging last night. Through northern California, nearly 220 square miles burned just the past week. We drove into the valley fire. Smoke smothering the mountains and the road. That smoke overwhelming. Even firefighters turning back. 19,000 people have fled this firestorm. Among them Patrice Conklin and her daughters. Including 8-year-old Sydney. We don't have a house. Reporter: You don't have a house. What about your old house? It's ash. Reporter: Still, they were homesick so the conklins piled in with us. You guys in. Reporter: We walk to what's left of it. The house is right here. I don't even recognize it. Reporter: Sydney picking through the melted toys, everything incinerated. And as we spoke, the fire killing up nearby. Helicopters thundering overhead. Patrice had lost everything but she said she had everything she needed. Like I said, this is nothing. That's my gold. That's my gold. Reporter: The forest says one in three homes in all of California are in wildfire-prone areas which explains why so many homes near were destroyed and why 15,000 more are still threatened. Amy. All right, Matt Gutman, thank you for the latest on that.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"After all the damage, the 17,000 evacuees wonder when they will be able to go home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33794689","title":"Wildfires Continue to Burn in California","url":"/GMA/video/wildfires-continue-burn-california-33794689"}