Winter X-Games Begin, Snow Board Champ Returns to Slopes

Four-time, X-Game gold medalist Gretchen Bleiler makes improbable comeback.
2:30 | 01/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter X-Games Begin, Snow Board Champ Returns to Slopes
We also have an exclusive from KATY PERRY.]qp, My body is here. But my mind is in aspen, colorado, for the x-games. Legendary snowboarder gretchen byler is there. But dropped out. She was able to take us on a remarkable ride behind the scenes. Here's a take. That's impressive. Reporter: Gretchen byler, two-time olympian, four-time gold medalist. Tied for the most golds won by women on the superpipe. At 31, already a legend. Achieving much of her success not far from the aspen slopes where she first picked up the sport as a little girl. It's called tandem peak. Reporter: This competition, expected to be her comeback after a devastating accident in june 2012. Shattered my eye socket, broke my nose, and gave myself a bad concussion. It was a freak accident. Reporter: But a last-minute decision to pull out of saturday's game, put her return on an indefinite hold. When you have any traumatic experience, you need to give yourself time. Reporter: But that didn't stop the extreme enthusiast from another challenge. Say a little prayer for me. Teaching me to snowboard. And on the bunny slopes, down the x-games superpipe. Oh, yeah. Learning from the star means starting like a pro. Most people learn on -- Reporter: In other words, don't try this at home. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm got the best of me. Oh, my god. Reporter: I can't stop. Practice might make perfect eventually. But I definitely worked up an appetite. So, the aspen native took me to her favorite spot for lunch in this glamorous ski resort town. Here's to your first day of snowboarding. Reporter: For "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, aspen. Look at that. Like the secret service. One thing you don't know how to do is stop. That's key. She did stop. X-games -- eventually. 3:00 eastern on our sister network, espn.

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{"id":18301846,"title":"Winter X-Games Begin, Snow Board Champ Returns to Slopes","duration":"2:30","description":"Four-time, X-Game gold medalist Gretchen Bleiler makes improbable comeback.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-games-begin-snow-board-champ-returns-slopes-18301846","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}