Officials Scramble to Finish Facilities in Sochi

Just days before the 2014 Olympic Games are set to start thousands of workers are finishing roads.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Officials Scramble to Finish Facilities in Sochi
To the olympics with opening ceremonies three days away, the head of the olympic committee is confident the games will be safe. But Russian offs still scrambling to finish all the facilities in sochi. ABC's Matt Gutman has the latest. Reporter: Good morning, George, from high up in the caucasus mountains, one of the several resorts and you see buildings, you see construction workers but behind me you don't see many tourists, this breakneck construction is the you could call it the preolympic sprint event. Last-minute construction. This morning thousands of workers across this olympic area are frantically finishing roads. Placing cobblestones, slapping the finishes touches on these ghost towns. Most of the 25,000 olympic rooms are ready, getting to them is a different matter. These road workers told us they're building a road to get to olympic hotels. With orders to finish at breakneck speed. They started building this about half an hour ago and they've already got this part done. He thinks they'll have about three-quarters of a mile done within two hours. President Vladimir Putin's so-called ring of teal is sealed tight. Troops here line the roads. And are even posted unseen above the alpine resorts. In fact, sochi's security is so thick it's estimated there are 24 cops or troops for every athlete. It's one reason some of the athletes seem unconcerned. Honestly I think we wouldn't be over here if there was that big of an issue. You know, we feel safe. Reporter: Shaun white says that wrist probably won't affect him. He will race and additional incentive for all those working behind me, president Putin has come into town and that means they got to finish up. George? That is for sure. Yeah, but you can see the athletes getting very excited. Now to the new clues and

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{"id":22356287,"title":"Officials Scramble to Finish Facilities in Sochi","duration":"3:00","description":"Just days before the 2014 Olympic Games are set to start thousands of workers are finishing roads.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-official-scramble-finish-facilities-sochi-22356287","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}