Winter Blast Creates Dangerous Conditions

Freezing cold and snow blast parts of the country, causing havoc on the roads.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Winter Blast Creates Dangerous Conditions
weather. Those dangerous ground blizzards and whiteouts. Ginger zee leading our extreme weather team coverage. Good morning, beginner. Hey, good morning. This is going to be an issue for a lot of people today. Here's why, 35% of our nation is covered in snow at this point as far south as Georgia. Parts of the Carolinas, and you can see back in the northern plain, that's where we're seeing the issue, the ground blizzard where you've got the wind plus the cold, plus that dry snow that blows over and the visibility reduces to zero at times. It feels like 36 below in Minneapolis this morning. 15 below is the windchill in St. Louis. Memphis, 21. We've got windchill advisories as far south as the gulf states so so many people waking up this morning and saying, please, tell me we have some reprieve at some point. I can't. We are going to borrow air from siberia. It will come in waves. Tomorrow's not good, Saturday is a little better. Sunday into Monday, can I tell you almost like early January. That polar air sticks. Look at this. Minneapolis, you wake up on Monday morning, 17 below. New York City by Tuesday, it's 6. Oh, it's going to be messy and a real quick look at that video. The sky is blue. You don't need snow falling to make a blizzard. Gio Benitez is in Boston with all of it. Reporter: Hey, good morning to you, ginger. You know, you're talking about those temperatures. We're feeling them. 6 degrees right now here in Boston, 11 below zero with the windchill. Take a look behind me. The problem is a lot of the snow is not melting. And if you look really closely, you can actually see ice here on the sidewalk. That's what's happening on the roads making it dangerous for you. The snow may not be falling anymore, but it is blowing. 45-mile-per-hour winds hurling all that breath snow across roadways in Minnesota making parts of the state look like an arctic wasteland. Windchills there as low as 45 degrees below zero. Ground blizzards, now the latest threat out on the frigid roads. Watch what happens when this snowplow in North Dakota kicks up all that loose snow and ice, the fierce winds blowing it right into traffic creating an instant and frightening whiteout for drivers. And in New York City, this taxi driver just can't get a grip. Even the trains aren't immune to the cold. Passengers on this commuter train from Manhattan to Connecticut had to be rescued in the busy evening hours after their train was disabled midway, left for two hours without heat or lights. And icicles falling like daggers from building overhangs, one striking this man in the head. Ems treating him for cuts on his face and lips. Outside of Boston a two-alarm house fire. Firefighters were hindered while attempting to put out the blaze because three different fire hydrants froze. A 3,000-foot hose was used and in Philadelphia, this woman giving birth on a sled. Her husband pushing her to their car at the end of an impassable street. But the baby just couldn't wait. She gave birthright there on the side of that icy road. And the good news, mom and baby are doing just fine this morning. By the way, we are in this for the long haul. In fact, we could not possibly -- we can't -- we expect to see these temperatures

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{"id":21636480,"title":"Winter Blast Creates Dangerous Conditions","duration":"3:00","description":"Freezing cold and snow blast parts of the country, causing havoc on the roads.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-snowstorm-creates-dangerous-driving-conditions-21636480","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}