Winter Storm Targets Northeast

Cold weather bears down on the Midwest and Northeast, promising heavy snow and bitter temperatures.
3:00 | 01/02/14

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Transcript for Winter Storm Targets Northeast
It is a mess of a morning across america. More than 100 million americans in the path of this blizzard of 2014. 22 states going to get hit with this one. Here is a live shot we have of chicago. Look at the snow coming down. The huge storm moving east as we speak. Some snow falling here in new york this morning. Roads everywhere are slick. And thousands of flights are already canceled or delayed this morning. It's how mother nature says happy new year. Welcome back. Our extreme weather team, live with it all. Let's get to ginger zee, live in times square. Ginger, it is coming. It's the day after new year's. And here in times square, some of the confetti that's been a little smushy and gross after the new year. I want to start with cleveland. The breadth of this storm is huge. You saw pictures from chicago, detroit, cleveland, a snowy, icky mess. We are 12 hours from the worst of it here in new york city. I want to give you timing, for everyone else. Through pennsylvania it comes. Then, it starts wrapping in the low that's going to go offshore. After 6:00 p.M., New york through connecticut, up through boston and eventually maine. The big next question, how much more snow? And chicago already had in some places more than a foot. They're going to see lake-effect, three to six inches with a ring around the lake. And look at that. Philadelphia, just under four. New york could see close to a half-foot. Locally, a lot of places, a foot or more. And in boston, it will come with winds. And behind it, some of the coldest air in decades. Chicago overnight lows by the end of the weekend, 13 below. And it gets even more worse from there. That's where we find our gio benitez. He's in rosemont. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, ginger. If this is what's heading your way, get ready. It is freezing. This may look like a winter wonderland. But don't worry about it. This is a nightmare for so many people, trying to drive through the area. You said it, more than a foot of snow in some parts of the chicagoland area. And take a look at what's happening all across this nation. A monster winter storm, driving hard across the nation. It's pretty bad out there. Reporter: More than 20 states, from kansas to new england, in the crosshairs. A three-alarm fire in sub zero minneapolis. Rescue crews there battling the blaze and the bitter cold. Water from their hoses quickly freezing and coating everything it touches in solid ice. It's like working on a skating rink. Reporter: Firefighters, even hacking ice off their ladders. This train in eastern iowa derailed after frosty temps warped the rails. Overnight, the chicago area hit with its biggest snow of the season. Up to a foot of white. It keeps piling up. It has not stopped. Reporter: This car sliding right into a traffic light and a stop sign before slamming into the side of a store. And residents there using whatever they can find to clear the way. And the northeast, now bracing for the blow. Residents from philly to boston, stocking up, ahead of plummeting single-digit temps and blizzard-like conditions, likely to hit some areas with more than two feet of snow. In burlington, vermont, salt is going fast. Most stores there, already sold out. So, here in chicago, you know, this weather is supposed to just get even worse and worse throughout the day. But remember, this is the same exact system that's supposed to move all over the east coast, as ginger said, david. We're warned. Gio benitez in the middle of it all for us. Gio, appreciate it. It's going to be a mess on the roads and in the air already this morning. Thousands of flights canceled and delayed. Let's get to muhammad lila in new york's la guardia airport for us. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you, david. I'm live in the departures hall of LaGuardia airport. We've seen passengers scrambling here, hoping their flights aren't delayed. You see some of the passengers over my shoulder. New york, so far, hasn't been hit by the big blast of winter. That's not the case in a lot of other cities in america. Let's look at some of the numbers. So far, more than 1,700 flights have been delayed. More than 1,100 flights have been canceled outright. Express jet, commute air are meeting the deadlines. No surprises here. Newark's liberty international, chicago's o'hare, and cleveland international, the top three airports right now that are suffering from delays and outright cancellations. As for new york's la guardia. One of the reasons it's moving so well, people tell me they come here several hours ahead of time, knowing the storm was going to hit today. And clearly, david, on a day like today, that's some of the best travel advice there is. Muhammad lila at the airport for us this morning. Thanks. We're going to stay on the storm

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Cold weather bears down on the Midwest and Northeast, promising heavy snow and bitter temperatures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21396129","title":"Winter Storm Targets Northeast","url":"/GMA/video/winter-storm-targets-northeast-21396129"}