Winter Weather Causes Holiday Travel Problems

There is nearly two feet of snow in the Midwest at the start of the weekend.
3:00 | 12/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter Weather Causes Holiday Travel Problems
Our team is tracking it this morning, beginning with sam. Good morning, sam. Good morning, george. The storm that terrorized the country, now that it's moved in the northeast, is a big heavy rain situation with wind. We've had an inch of rain in the new york city area. Another half-inch of rain. 45-mile-per-hour, 50-mile-per-hour winds. Look at the damage that came with the wind s. Four stories of scaffolding collapsing. "Gma" storm site radar will show you there's plenty left in this storm. Rain from washington, d.C. To boston today. And plenty of snow in the back end behind it. We use this model to show us where the worst winds will be. What you need to look at is the red arrows. And the red arrows go from the boston area, north into maine, all the way to atlanta. This storm has big snowfall totals, big-time. 20 inches of snow coming down in some locations. And one of those places, williamsburg, iowa, picked up a good, heavy snowstorm and a blizzard. Our ginger zee is right there. Good morning, ginger. Sam, we're here because we tried desperately to get to chicago, just couldn't do it. I-80 kept shutting down. You can see why. This is what litters the side of the highway everywhere. Trucks, semi trucks. It was really bad last night. And all day yesterday, really. And this storm isn't done with us yet. Overnight, the lashing winds and blowing snow stretched from nebraska to michigan. Major highways across the midwest, shut down. As drivers struggled to stay on them. Believe it or not, this is i-80. Look at the long line of cars. Just a complete parking lot. We've been here for at least 30 minutes. And we don't know how long we're going to be here. How long have you within sitting here? About an hour. You knew it was going to be -- I knew it was risky. But I have surgery tomorrow morning. I don't have a choice. Reporter: The crash that set us back was 1 of at least 1,000 in this behemoth. There was a wreck north of des moines. 25 vehicles there. So many in iowa, the national guard was called in to help. The u.S. Army came. Put us in this fancy truck. We got blankets and snacks. Reporter: In madison, wisconsin, up to 20 inches of snow fell around that city. A record. And the university of wisconsin canceled some final exams. From the snowy side, to the tornado side. In mobile, alabama, an ef-1 twister lifted trees and es. And street after street, full of debris. The relentless wind gusts tore down power lines all across the midwest. More than 100,000 customers still without power. I'm going to tell you, sam, that's going to be a problem. As I tear up here. The windchill, 10 below. It's the brutal wind that comes in from behind it. It stays for the weekend, from where you are to where I am. There's bound to be travel delays. There's continuing travel problems.

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{"id":18034339,"title":"Winter Weather Causes Holiday Travel Problems","duration":"3:00","description":"There is nearly two feet of snow in the Midwest at the start of the weekend.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-weather-storm-warning-watch-christmas-travel-season-18034339","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}