Wisconsin cop leads cheer at a high school football game

An officer faked out a group of students before breaking into an enthusiastic cheer, and a video of it went viral.
7:34 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for Wisconsin cop leads cheer at a high school football game
And we have a story we think will have you feeling good all weekend long and I want to start out with one about football fans at Appleton east high school in Wisconsin. They were in the middle of -- Are you -- Even if you're not I love your enthusiasm. But they were in the middle of their traditional cheer when a police officer walked into the stands. Now looks like he was telling them to quiet down and they started to boo that man and said Mr. Officer, this is what we do. They thought they were getting in trouble but then there was a big surprise. Check this out. The officer, he turned around and he led the cheer. There you go. Oh, that's great. And that is officer jack Taschner. He said they've been doing this for years and always wanted to join in so talked to the kid that Lees the cheer all the time. He made plans to pretend to stop it, didn't expect the boos I'm sure but then he's going to lead that. Look at his moves. Oh. Drive that car. I don't know what the cheer is but it's good. But that's a good feel-good moment to lead everybody into the weekend. We needed that. Thanks for that. Love this for a childhood hobby. The little girl who loves bugs. Don't mess with her. Her name is Sofia. The story of Sofia. 8-year-old with an incredible passion for inseconds. When she started getting bullied for her unique hobby she was ready to give it up and her mother writes to the entity Mo largic society and they tweeted a letter out and got hundreds of responses to encourage her to stick with it. They're joining us live. Good morning, Sofia. So, Sofia, I want to ask why are you interested in insects? I heard a little secret it might have began way, way back when you saw butterflies for the first time, that trip you took. Yes, it was. I took a trip to the -- fourth of July. U-oh. As you know, live television. Live television. I can tell you, she took a trip to the butterfly society and she loved insects. I'm waiting to see if we can get her signal back but her mother was just determined to make sure my little girl can still love insects because she's got the love of science, love the bugs and they were not going to let the bullies win. For a little girl not to be afraid of bugs. That was going to be my question. What's her advice for those of us who are afraid of bugs? I want to know that. But I think the great thing -- the great thing behind the story is just that, being bullied about something that may not be pop with with everybody else. It's not hurting anybody else. You should be able to pursue. It great her mother took the initiative to write a letter to say, hey, this is something my daughter is interested in and I'm sure once she saw all that love and support, Sophia said it's okay to pursue it. Sent hundreds of letters back. What gets me, I mean, bullying at any age is unacceptable. How do you bully a little girl like that? How do you -- Over a love of bugs? All right. Okay, well, we hope we get her back but until then we continue. Playing with the bugs right now so she's fine. She's fine. We can hear her. Can you hear us? Can you hear us, Sophia. Yep. We can hear you. We can hear you. We had a bug. We had a few technical bugs as we call them. Real quick I want to know, Sophia, your mother fought for you. She wanted you to still love those bugs. Tell everyone why you love bugs and why every little girl should be able to. Because bugs are just amazing and some bugs, people think that they may be creepy but they're cool and very friendly but for some bugs, you just don't want to hole them because they will get territorial, but even wasps, they will sti they won't sting you if you don't bug them but I just love bugs. You do love bugs. Wow! Sophia, I loved the top you're wearing with the butterflies on it too. That's pretty. That's really pretty. Yeah, so what is your advice, Sophia -- Thank you. You're very welcome. So what is your advice to people who think that they don't share your same passion for bugs because some people, I won't mention Lara Spencer, but some people are afraid of bugs so what would you say to Lara so she wouldn't be scared? Well, I would say bugs may -- bugs may be scary for some people. Bugs won't hurt you if you try not to hurt them. Ah. And bugs are very nice. Okay. That's great advice. We love Sophia and Nicole for that great lesson for your daughter. Thank you both very much. Thank you. Are you okay now? Yeah. I would never hurt a bug. No, of course not. They won't hurt you either. We know how Sophia is very inspirational and met another inspirational person just a short time ago. Jake and he is the long snapper from usc who was born blind. He's ready, the long snapper, he's with one of our crew member, Tommy and Tommy loves football and so Jake is going to show his skills as a long snapper. Tommy is going to get in position. Yep. It was amazing when he did this and as he was talking about, he's even heard from tiger Woods. Tiger Woods even reached out to Jake Olson. Oh, wow. Okay, so -- Wait a minute, wait a minute. So are we all set to go. We're all set to go and Tommy, I thought you would wear your giants gear. Big giants fan. I had it on. It's in your heart. It's in your heart. That's all I need to know. How did you prep? Here we go. The pom-poms are going. I'm going to blow the whistle. Get it started. Ready. Oh. That was was perfect. You did your part, Jake. Tommy, you're fired. Just kidding. But, Jake, hey, Jake, tell people about how Tiger Woods reached out to you. I know you got interested in golf as well. I'm a big golfer and tiger sent me a letter yesterday saying he was inspired by my story and obviously as we all follow tiger through his amazing career it waspecial to hear from a legend and, you know, hey, I'll take him any time at night. At night, he says, at night. I tell you what, one day when I'm not in L.A. We're going to get out and play some golf. All right, Michael. I would love to do that. I would love to do that.

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{"id":50017042,"title":"Wisconsin cop leads cheer at a high school football game","duration":"7:34","description":"An officer faked out a group of students before breaking into an enthusiastic cheer, and a video of it went viral. ","url":"/GMA/video/wisconsin-cop-leads-cheer-high-school-football-game-50017042","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}