Woman Clubs Bear With Shotgun to Stop Attack

A Wisconsin man escaped a bear's hold after his wife intervened with an empty shotgun.
2:07 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Clubs Bear With Shotgun to Stop Attack
Limited emergency. Records -- this whole electronic irresponsible husband -- he won't go away. -- -- and immigrant -- black or OK in that it attacked and get the Portland hospital. Jeering in amendment one the fights bought ten staples in the back of my head and neck with the 200. Pound bear fourteen stitches and money year. -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- -- -- beautiful Labrador Retriever who started that whole that she's starting to tell when their turn around chased her that's when -- and came to the rescue. And I came warning note here in Toledo driveway. Shielding him leaving my hands sleeping that would scare away the mirror instead the -- ran straight for him. I was sold for -- under -- gonna get the dog. That in daytime to Americans and get a young soul there -- Unharmed and facing those insane bear him and tried to run away you tackle me -- here you can see you know. And temptations on the -- worry. Jumped on me from the back. Yes to the ground to teach sinking into his neck -- Newman wasn't scared to I was -- Affordable well he's -- on me inviting me. Alike and think is I -- had a gun. At that moment his wife Murray appeared -- -- auto -- Kevin with a shotgun and unfortunately she -- Mahoney hold it. So was an empty shotgun. Murray hit the air over the head and in the area the bearer release -- four minute. The two ran inside the cabin but the -- didn't give up. Well he -- -- Cameron were born in a war and he would stand and assigning lawyers to look through every one of these little ball -- -- but. Now earlier -- -- -- -- county sheriff's deputy arrived and shot the bear who is now being tested for rabies. -- -- -- was checked out of the hospital and released feeling very lucky. Given an -- lawyers coming own polling number on my probably wouldn't be talking to today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19200860,"title":"Woman Clubs Bear With Shotgun to Stop Attack","duration":"2:07","description":"A Wisconsin man escaped a bear's hold after his wife intervened with an empty shotgun.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-clubs-bear-with-shotgun-to-stop-attack-19200860","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}