Woman Creates Wedding Hashtag Company

Marielle Wakim, the arts and culture editor at Los Angeles magazine, created a company to customize wedding hashtags.
9:25 | 12/02/16

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Transcript for Woman Creates Wedding Hashtag Company
We said every day and we mean it because it continues to get better. We have an amazing audience. Thank you. Thank you so much. And I know we're excited and I think they're more excited bit. Lease not waste any more time. He is here to sing "Love me now" and talk about his new movie "La la land" please welcome academy award winner, John legend. ??? Hi. Oh. They're good. Look at all these cookies. Your favorite, right? I'm so excited right now. What is -- Is this peanut butter? Yes. And chocolate chips? Yes. This is the recipe we -- The oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip. Charge is really good. We're going to share it. I can't these until after I sing, I have to tell you the truth. Do you have to be careful -- I can't have like chocolate before I sing so, you know -- All clear. Maybe that's been my problem. Yeah. Yeah. All these years. All these year, too much chocolate. So we want to hear all about "Darkness and light," the movie. We'll get to that. We have a couple of topics to share with you. Jump in any time. You guys are pretty prolific on social media. Sure. A lot of people -- I think your wife likes to hashtag. Occasionally hashtag. "Darkness and light" is the hashing to of the morning. Just happens to be. There is a woman that has turnturned hashtags into a business. Who is paying her? A lot of people. A lot of people. She does it for weddings. We are right now. Using the power of puns to break into the wedding hashtag business. And I've never heard of a wedding hashtag. Mariel whackum and customized hashtags for weddings. Dubbed the best or worst idea she's ever had but judging by her hashtag skills we think she is brilliant. She was doing it for some of her friends because she just had a way with words for their weldings. After 20 she said there's a little bit -- there's a business here. People pay her to do this. Like, for example, John legend plus Chrissy Teigen, her hashtag is the man, the miss, the legends. Supply feel like she should be the Mrs., though. That's true, that's true. George Stephanopoulos and Ali, Ali went Greek in the knees. These are like mouthfuls. They are. You can see them. GAO Clooney and Amal Clooney, hashtag, Amal yours George. A single wedding hashtag. Send in the feel you want and the singing hashtag is $40. I three wedding hashtag. I do intn't know why you'd want three. Donald Trump had three wives. So, anyway, good for you Muir Yale determining puns. I could be with all my puns -- You could do it. I could have some sort of pun business. Competing business. Muriel, I'm coming after you. What if you just use it and didn't pay her. I feel like she would tell you, no, I don't want to use it and end up using it. This could go wrong. Misbehavior from Mr. Legend. A new job. What else we got? Anybody? Am I doing topic two too. Let's talk to John legend. John, when last you were here you said about the new music it's the best of your career and the reviews say the same thing that this is your best work. This is your moment. I feel good. I feel good about it. The thing is you can't believe the artist when they tell you it's their best work because every artist thinks their current album is their best album because they just spent all this time working on it but a lot of my friends and people around me feel like we put something really special into this album and I'm just excited for people to finally hear it. The hardest part is just keeping it contained when you're finished, when you master it and are like, oh, and it's got to go through all this marketing and wait months for it to come out. What was different about it for you. I think just growing up and having been married for a knew years and having a baby and all those other things forms your perspective and makes you look at the world more differently and helped me write songs and help me be inspired to write better music. It is reflected in your music and as Lara was alluding to we follow you on Instagram and other places and that beautiful birthday that your wife had recently. How you -- We had a nice time in Mexico. Just the two of us in Cabo and spent three days there and, you know, we have a lot of work to do and I have an album to promote but wanted to spend a few days just relaxing. This is your first Christmas with Luna. Yes, it is. Yes. But, Chrissy, she said -- Yes, congrats. Nothing like it. But Chrissy says she gets you the same thing every year for Christmas. She gets me a bag every year because I'm like a simple guy like I travel all the time and I like have a nice bag to put my computer in and my stuff and so she gets me a bag every year but Christmas with Luna is going to be really exciting of the it's the first time at our new house. We've never had our own Christmas at home. We usually travel somewhere, go to some family member's house or go on vacation and this is our first time actually having a tree at home in our own place and we have a new baby. Starting your family tradition. Yes, exactly. Excited about your movie "La la land." Yes. I mean, people -- Awesome. You want to see a little bit of "La la land"? Here it is. You playing to 90-year-olds at the lighthouse, where are the kids? Where are the young people? You're so obsessed with Kenny Clark and thelonious monk. These guys were revolutionaries. How are you going to be a revolutionary if you're such a traditionalist? You're holding on to the past but jazz is about the future. Speaking of that -- You learned how to play the guitar for this. Oh, sort of. I didn't really learn all the way. I just learned enough to where I could look like I was playing the guitar pretty well. How would you rate gosling on the piano in he was magnificent. He had to learn a lot more than I did because his character revolves around him playing the piano and he's like a serious jazz pianist and he had to look the part and spent a lot of time working on it and I was kind of jealous about how fast he learned to be awesome at piano. I was playing since I was 4. It's not fair. But he's so good at preparing for these roles and he's so focused and, man, I just feel lucky to be in a cast with Emma stone and Ryan gosling, incredible. We're lucky because everybody here is excited. Your album "Darkness and light" drops today. Comes out today. Yes, right now. I have a question for our audience. Who is a huge fan of the hit song "Love me now" by John legend? A lot of screaming people. So, you are dressed up nice, why do you love the song so much? Well, I can't say it nearly as good as John did over there, but just, you know, we're -- my girlfriend and I were talking about it before we came here, just -- I just want to love her right now with all I got and everything I have and so just, you know, whatever happens later doesn't matter, just right now give her everything I have. You know the amazing thing it's your first time in new York, right? You want to do something for her. I did. We'll help you out with that. All right. I need you -- what's your name. Adrienne. Take a look over there. And I'll let you take it away. You know, you've been my rock just my everything to me. I love you with everything I got. Will you marry me? Yes, baby. Of course. There you go. And you both served in the military and that's where you met. Just me. But you've been in -- we just want to say we're so happy for you, congratulations to both of you. Are you surprised? Shocked. Yes, shocked. I'm glad you said yes. Yeah. Enjoy your trip in New York. Congratulations. We expect to have a hashtag for both of you and be invited to the wedding. How about that.

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{"id":43919811,"title":"Woman Creates Wedding Hashtag Company","duration":"9:25","description":" Marielle Wakim, the arts and culture editor at Los Angeles magazine, created a company to customize wedding hashtags.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-creates-wedding-hashtag-company-43919811","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}