Woman Loses 393 Pounds

Val McLeod, 54, lost more than half her body weight, saying the turning point was having to be weighed by a freight scale.
3:00 | 02/28/14

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Transcript for Woman Loses 393 Pounds
We go to an inspiring story of a woman who lost over half her body weight. After struggling with obesity since childhood she says it was a real aha moment that finally turned her life around and it also may have saved it. ♪ Reporter: 54-year-old value Mccloud has been fighting the war on weight her entire life. At my heaviest I probably was about 620 pounds. Reporter: Some days eating upwards of 30,000 calories, fried chicken, cookie, chips, ice cream, portion sizes large enough for three people. My doctor just told me, you're going to kill yourself. Reporter: Her joints began to break down under the pressure of the weight and by her mid-20s she had to make her own clothes from upholstery fabric. I couldn't find clothes. I had gotten so large that I no longer could even fit clothing from the full figured women's stores. We would just roll out as much fabric as I need and put elastic in the waist. Reporter: Now meet the new Val. A woman on a mission to health and wellness who dropped over half of her body weight. A whopping 393 pounds. It wasn't like I was just eating and eating and didn't care about it. I tried dieting and I would lose a few pounds then gain those back and more. Reporter: One of the major turning points, having to be weighed by a freight scale before a failed gastric bypass surgery. I went to a nutritionist who helped me to figure out, you know, what proportion sizes were. I also started seeing a therapist because weight loss and being overweight is as much emotional, mental, psychological as it is physical. Reporter: And slowly incorporated exercise into her tailly routine. Initially when I first started walking I could barely even go a block. Reporter: She also overhauled her eating habits cutting out all processed food and replaced it with a diet of fruit, veggies and fish. Now this author and motivational speaker hopes her journey will inspire others. Make one change that's healthier and here's -- the body is so intelligent. The body has a brain. It will respond to anything you do for it that's in the right direction. Complete --

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{"id":22715450,"title":"Woman Loses 393 Pounds","duration":"3:00","description":"Val McLeod, 54, lost more than half her body weight, saying the turning point was having to be weighed by a freight scale.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-loses-393-pounds-22715450","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}