Women fight to break the silence surrounding menopause

A group of women who have been going through menopause share their experiences on "GMA," and fight to break society's stigma around open discussions about aging for women.
5:39 | 01/26/18

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Transcript for Women fight to break the silence surrounding menopause
Now to our series change in a flash taking a closer look at menopause. You sat down with a group of women to talk about how it's affected their work and relationships. That's right. These women were candid about what they've experienced and how they've dealt with the changes to not only their bodies but also their moods, their relationships and, oh, so much more. Take a listen. So thank you all for sitting down and talking about secret that a lot of people just don't want to talk about. Why do you think that is? Why are we afraid? I think the way society treats women as they age has a lot to do with how we perceive menopause. When we were kids we got little books about how we were going to go into puberty and all the changes and how wonderful everything is. No one gives you a little booklet about menopause and people do shy away from the conversation. You finally get to a point where you feel comfortable in your own skin. You know who you are, you like yourself and then your face falls. Then your skin is sagging. It's like -- you just can't win. How many of you felt prepared for menopause? None. None. No one? Did any of you feel overwhelmed, scared? Emotional part was the most. You don't realize how crazy you are. I went through a few husbands in between menopause but I got it right now. Ups and downs and you're crying one minute and it just really is emotional. That was the hardest part I think was the emotional roller coaster. No one said to me this is going to start or you're going to experience some of things first. I didn't though that. All I knew about was hot flashes. Oh, those hot flashes. And I'm having a hot flash right now. I remember sitting and talking and suddenly you're dripping and you're so conscious people are looking at you and you can't stop it. Anything else that happened to you that you didn't think was associated with it. I lost a lot of bone mass so I haveosteoporosis. I felt this massive sudden depression and it was only the next day that I thought, gee, let me go online and look for menopause symptoms. What's been the worst one? Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. Many sleepless nights. Some are pushing for menopause to be treated basically the same way in the workplace that pregnancy is treated. No, I think it's a completely different situation. Completely different. I think it should be addressed in the workplace. I don't think that people should object if a woman says I need to go outside and get some cool air. Employers need to become more open when it comes to women in menopause. The big thing that got all of these women through menopause and some of us are still dealing with it was finding support in other women going through it too. They all said they found that in groups online where they could share their experiences and get tips for dealing with menopause and encourage all the other women out there who have questions to get online because there are support groups out there no matter where you live. You are not alone. Exactly? And the response has been terrific and Dr. Gail Saltz is going to join us to join in on this conversation and it is so much more than mood swings and we've heard in so many viewers and I want to read one from Kate and this is indicative of what we're hearing about. How can I get friends/spouse to understand the pure crazy that can course through me in an instant? Yes. Just like that. You know, the psychological effects are very real. It's a combination of the feelings of loss and the meaning, significance of menopause and the biology of these hormone flukt weighings so women may experience high anxiety, surges of irritability, sometimes depression though depression isn't directly from menopause. Many women do experience it so you have to let your friends and your spouse know that these are very real things. This isn't just you. This is everybody potentially who is going through it so they can be understanding and you have to let them help you with things and help yourself so everyday things like if you're having higher stability, high stress, exercise. Go right into it. Go for a run. Do deep breathing. Do relaxation. Hot in a tub if you're having a surge of high anxiety. You can do things in the moment to quell some of these. You're talking to a big runner. Yeah. Has that helped. I've gotten into boxing and find that a huge release. For irritable. Absoluly. That's actually really helped moo he a lot and yoga and I never thought that I could do yoga and I think we've had a conversation. Since we talked last I've really gotten into it and realize -- Biologically exercise does decrease depression and stress. Another thing they're reluctant to talk about is intimacy. With all the biologic and psych logic things going on no surprise that intimacy would be difficult. But it's really important. Really important in you relationship so you do want to do things. You want to communicate with your partner about what's going on. You want to ask your partner to help brainstorm with you about things you guys can do together to help intimacy to keep going and increase the affection because sometimes we forget and when we're mad about intimacy not working we pull back but hold hand, hug, go on a date. Be romantic with each other to increase those feelings. All right, Gail, thanks so much. Amy, terrific series and the response is overwhelming and I know we'll continue it online. Right back with more of "Good

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{"id":52619100,"title":"Women fight to break the silence surrounding menopause","duration":"5:39","description":"A group of women who have been going through menopause share their experiences on \"GMA,\" and fight to break society's stigma around open discussions about aging for women. ","url":"/GMA/video/women-fight-break-silence-surrounding-menopause-52619100","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}