Could You Go a Year Without Makeup?

Phoebe Hyde Baker gave up makeup for a year to save money, recounts in "The Beauty Experiment."
3:00 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for Could You Go a Year Without Makeup?
-- numbers are staggering the average American woman -- plus resistance is thousand dollars on beauty salon treatments every year and -- The hours grooming that adds up to -- a little bit -- and just one year. So what would happen if we women decided to crack dealer an ad -- and go without make up. Prior year she beat shaker high author of -- new book the beauty experiment. Decided to find out. What a manly due to take showers and -- Steve's gonna -- -- in question and got a little -- to head out the -- write something like. As it -- maybe I can approximate that. So the -- would go. Care products would go -- -- when my jury. But while -- says she felt more beautiful than ever after a year of no make up experts say society. Need -- -- less open to the idea. We do -- to -- attractive people. Conventionally attractive people. -- -- see them as happier we see them as warm aren't -- seeing him as funny here. In fact a few studies have shown that that they even get lower prison sentence says or don't get convicted and all. Blues and check out what happened in recent out of camera crew with Maureen -- -- all blown up and need help on the streets of New York. People not only -- to help me out for containers where he needed to go. Check out what happened when -- -- down with classes and don't make them today hardly anyone stopped to help him when he -- They did so great reservations. Yeah -- -- you. I was definitely surprised because it not only I don't usually Wear make -- when I go out. So and I don't really look at their reactions of people are getting me and when I did this experiment I really saw how differently I was treated because that of -- -- -- -- still many of us giving up our beauty regimen is easier said than done -- I let my family and my close friends -- -- without make up look very -- Thank board chairman Karen Pennington handed and -- really -- here and now where. She lived life to go without make them I decided to take the plunge and take it all logging comes off my foundation and for a I think that we'll -- -- -- but not least in the eyes. I'm a total mass here -- who police thought I didn't mind. I Katie reveals how good looks without make up Friday on the show tune into Friday for more with -- -- Parker as well bigger tease me a lot about her husband thinks. On his wife's beauty experiment. Literally can definitely -- I don't.

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{"id":18179071,"title":"Could You Go a Year Without Makeup?","duration":"3:00","description":"Phoebe Hyde Baker gave up makeup for a year to save money, recounts in \"The Beauty Experiment.\"","url":"/GMA/video/womens-year-makeup-documented-book-beauty-experiment-18179071","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}