Captain Clint Dempsey Weighs in on Germany vs. Argentina

The Team USA star is the first American to score in three successive World Cups.
3:07 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for Captain Clint Dempsey Weighs in on Germany vs. Argentina
the scene in just a matter of minutes here from cc1 Test message Test Text1 underline Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain a record number of Americans there in Brazil. In fact, America, usa, had more ticket sales than any other country besides the home country, of course, Brazil. People like looking up in the stands and seeing the red, white and blue. Awesome. I remember playing in world cup qualifying games where you felt like you weren't in your own country, you weren't at home and now at the point that you're going down to the world cup playing in Brazil and feeling that home away from home so pretty special and gives you that confidence, that belief that people are there supporting you or able to do it but we would have liked to have gone further. How was the call from the president. Cool, in 2010 he called us also see that was to have his support and know that we're even on that radar is pretty special and any time you know that people back home have an interest in what you do shows how far the game is coming. I grew up in nacogdoches, Texas. We have a question from Twitter. Tariq wants to know what is your analysis on what went wrong with Brazil? I don't know. I mean it's a tough one. You never want to go out of a world cup that way. At the same time when you start conceding goals and start chasing the good Gates open. Do you think they gave up. I don't think that was the case. Maybe a little unlucky in terms of the number of shots Germany had. It seemed everything they shot went in. Feels like your luck is against you. Got to the semifinal and that's special but at the same time I'm sure they were hoping -- Who do you see in the final. What is going to happen? A tough one. Who is going to win. It's just difficult to look past Germany at the moment but at the same time Argentina being a big rival of Brazil, being in a final and that country is going to be a lot of motivation as well for Argentina, so I don't know. You can't look past Germany. You gave us a lot of great moments there, thank you. I wish we had time for more. Yeah. You can watch the final right here on ABC this Sunday at 3:00 P.M. Eastern.

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{"id":24503520,"title":"Captain Clint Dempsey Weighs in on Germany vs. Argentina","duration":"3:07","description":"The Team USA star is the first American to score in three successive World Cups.","url":"/GMA/video/world-cup-2014-captain-clint-dempsey-weighs-germany-24503520","section":"GMA","mediaType":"us only 08"}