Team USA's Tim Howard Describes the End of His World Cup Journey

What is next for the US soccer team after their intense loss to Belgium?
5:45 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for Team USA's Tim Howard Describes the End of His World Cup Journey
We want to talk about the world cup and that heartbreaking loss by team usa. The Americans coming to close to pulling off a stunning comeback. We were all believing, but they fell short in extra time against Belgium. Bob woodruff is there this morning with the very latest. Bob, good morning. Reporter: Well, good morning, Amy. Yeah, this is quite a game. I have to say this. The team just landed here in Sao Paulo just after midnight. Even though they lost this game, they just never surrendered. From the very beginning, the Americans were physical, pressuring the opposition, struggling to score. Dempsey again. Reporter: And while the Belgians just kept firing, Tim Howard refused to let them in. Saving one shot after another after another. 16 saves. The most saves by a goalkeeper at the world cup in the last 50 years. Mr. Invincible. Reporter: With so many close calls but no score, the tension was palpable. From the stadium in Salvador to viewing parties all across the U.S. Even the president getting in on the action. I believe that we can win! Reporter: And with just minutes to go in regulation time, the U.S. Nearly did win. Jermaine Jones heads it to a wide open Chris wondolowski. Wondolowski! Reporter: But can't finish. Score! In overtime, the Belgians took the lead in the 92nd minute, a shot to the left. 12 minutes later. Goal number two. Bradley. Reporter: But the Americans would not give up. And look at this, it's Julian green. Reporter: With this dramatic goal by 18-year-old Julian green in his world cup debut, keeping American hopes alive. A flurry of American chances, but with no more time, the comeback came to an end. I told them in the locker room, they should be proud, and take a lot of positive stuff back home. You win some, lose some, it's amazing we came that have. I'm disappointed, I love the way we fought and stayed in the game. President Obama tweeting after the match. Very proud of U.S. Soccer, we'll win it all sooner than the world world thinks. #Believeit. Now Julian green is only 18 years old. Got the only goal in the game. He is the youngest American ever to play in a world cup. Now klinsmann, the coach, from the beginning said he wanted a more younger team to prepare for the next world cup four years from now in Russia. Amy. Thank you, bob. And it is great to have team usa super star goalie Tim Howard with us this morning from Brazil. I have to say, first, congratulations on a heroic performance last night. You almost single-handedly broke Twitter, 1.8 million Twitter mentions of you alone. Have you seen what is out there about you today? You are the new face of the quarter, you are mount Rushmore, mount Howard. And you have been promoted to secretary of defense overnight per wikipedia. Did you see any of this? I -- I only just woke up, as you can tell. I've not seen any of that. But that's quite funny. Well, and it's well-earned. You made 16 saves against Belgium. And that is the best by a keeper in a world match since 1966 when they started keeping world records. You were awarded man of the match. How do you feel about your performance yesterday? Well, I've said it all along, that's what I signed up to do. Stick my face in front of balls and get in the way. That's my job. I was able to do a lot of that last night. For me, unfortunately it wasn't enough, we nearly did it. Couldn't be prouder of the team. The entire country is proud of the team. What is the mood in camp today? How are the guys feeling? The rest of the team feeling? I'm sure once everyone wakes up, we'll be probably disappointed still. But our heads are high, because we couldn't have given anymore. We played four phenomenal games. And, you know, last night everybody gave everything they had had. And sometimes you don't win. We're proud of ourselves. You won the hearts of Americans for sure. It is just incredible. Americans bought more tickets at the world cup than any other country except for the host country. It's remarkable, and you think about how soccer has been viewed by Americans up until now. Do you think that's changed after this world cup? It really says a lot about where soccer has come in our country. And it's exciting to see what the future holds. Because this is still a very young and exciting team with a lot to offer. Did you all feel the love coming from us to you watching? We were motivated by that. We were inspired. It gave us hope, a recognition that we were doing it for more than ourselves. And it was special. Well, you come back to the U.S. As heros. I hope you get some vacation time before you start in the English premier league. Any thoughts of 2018? Gosh. That seems a lifetime away. You know. Right now I'm still very emotional from the game, and just try and figure out what's what and let the dust settle. Spend some time with my kids you know. Yeah. That's important. But fantastic job. We're all proud of you. Tim Howard, yes, get rest, enjoy down time, thanks for being with us this morning. Thank you. The boy who overcame so much. Incredible story. A big, bright smile this morning. He does. Barely a voice, but that'll come back.

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{"id":24393389,"title":"Team USA's Tim Howard Describes the End of His World Cup Journey ","duration":"5:45","description":"What is next for the US soccer team after their intense loss to Belgium?","url":"/GMA/video/world-cup-2014-team-usas-tim-howard-describes-24393389","section":"GMA","mediaType":"us only 08"}