Giants Defeat Royals, Win World Series

San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner pitched five flawless innings, leading the team to a World Series title.
2:24 | 10/30/14

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Transcript for Giants Defeat Royals, Win World Series
And the world series thriller, a dramatic ending for the San Francisco giants, beating the Kansas City Royals. That's the third out. Winning the third title in five years. Ryan smith is outside the stadium in Kansas City this morning. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. It was a game seven for the ages. This stadium was packed with fans witnessing an epic baseball battle. But the San Francisco giants prevailed against the upstart Kansas City Royals in a game we won't forget. Down by one run, facing the last out, the little Royals that could refused to give up. But standing in the way of their first world series title in 29 years, this plan. Giants win. Reporter: The giants Madison Bumgarner who pitched five flawless innings on just two days rest. Striking out 14 Royals in a row. Earning the longest save in world series history. Along with key hits from the player they call Kung Fu panda, Pablo Sandoval, the giants became the only team to win a ga seven on the road in 35 years. What now? Relax. Or go to Disney land. Reporter: The Kansas City Royals were a long shot. Youngest player 28. Winning a winner done wild card game and sweeping the next two series to get to the big game. They became America's sweet hearts with Paul rudd and "Modern family"'s cam and Mitch rooting them on. Get up on your feet and make some noise. Reporter: But this franchise, less than a decade ago, the laughing stock of baseball, with good reason to hold their heads high. Now during the celebrations in San Francisco, unfortunately sad news. Two people were shot. Non-life threatening injuries, thank goodness. But in Kansas City, the San Francisco giants players I talked to, feeling good and excited, and when I asked are you feeling about a dynasty, all they were thinking about was getting rest until the big parade in San Francisco. I think you were cheering there. Great stuff. The chilly Halloween forecast, plummeting temperatures hitting so much of

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner pitched five flawless innings, leading the team to a World Series title. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26567652","title":"Giants Defeat Royals, Win World Series","url":"/GMA/video/world-series-giants-defeat-royals-win-world-series-26567652"}