Damaged But Not Defeated: The Story of Two Wounded Warriors Overcoming Their Injuries

Jason Pak and Eric Zastoupil are determined not to let their missing limbs slow them down.
4:51 | 05/24/13

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Transcript for Damaged But Not Defeated: The Story of Two Wounded Warriors Overcoming Their Injuries
Welcome to on the radar I'm Martha Raddatz with Memorial Day approaching. We have a story of perseverance to stories actually. Two soldiers who lost limbs in Afghanistan. And are trying to get their lives back together my colleague and ABC cameraman -- just so camp followed their journey. -- lieutenant Eric disaster bill. Throws the basketball around. Nothing than usual. Until you move down. Lieutenant Jason packed standing with his father impressive for a recent amputee. Jason and Eric are two of the more than 15100. Soldiers who have lost limbs in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. I stepped on the mound in the -- -- And then next thing you know you know my guys are rendering first aid. Jason lost both blades and two fingers on his left hand. While on patrol in southern Afghanistan. My hands. Jason was a soccer player at West Point his father -- a white T -- Also -- West Point graduate. -- grew up playing basketball in Texas. All of 25 years old now he was leading a platoon near Kandahar. When an explosion took one -- and -- the author. And then they see -- my left foot is -- And then an instant I went to just survive -- it was it was just me Jason an. -- both wound up is Walter Reed medical center. Where wounded warriors must find inspiration to work harder than any of us can -- mansion. I do have dark days there's days I realize American failed to. Do the things I've always wanted to do the way I wanted to do. Jason set himself a goal to stand on his new -- At a ceremony for his father who was celebrating a thirty year army career. Working up. -- My dad's retirement. Just. And every morning to you know working on trying to stand. Jason's first challenge. Following his double amputation. He had only 82 days to train. It is. Not -- that is a marathon you have to take it that one day at a time. His second challenge getting to the ceremony. Negotiating an airport and a flight to Hawaii. Things aren't getting a little. Through this week. After -- good. -- -- Having played at West Point -- used basketball to help him recover and he's determined to play on two lakes. -- -- -- -- -- Wheelchair basketball league. Right away in. And nap until I could be at. Back -- -- yeah. And I I don't want to play. It's been invited to play the White House. Eric. Is pushing himself to play at full speed. In a basketball game at the white house with President Obama the so called -- in -- I think -- be incredible to go to the White House. You know maybe play with the boss to get to that point it's it's going to be even more hard work it's going to be surgeries it's going to be. More rehab. Getting in -- way of learning how to cut and how to stop and go a little. To the former I can actually played. Jason succeed. As friends and family looked on he stood next to his father making the transition from late -- to stand in. In less than three months. Eric continues to train. And hopes to be ready to plate to biggest game of his life. To West Point graduates this generation's best. And brightest -- striving to return to a normal life. Our thanks to -- -- so camps fine camera work. And -- thanks to all our service members serving worldwide. That's on the radar for Yahoo! News and ABC news this week. Thanks for joining -- you can follow me on Twitter at Martha Raddatz.

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{"id":19251375,"title":"Damaged But Not Defeated: The Story of Two Wounded Warriors Overcoming Their Injuries","duration":"4:51","description":"Jason Pak and Eric Zastoupil are determined not to let their missing limbs slow them down.","url":"/GMA/video/wounded-warriors-overcome-injuries-19251375","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}