Yapp: An App to Make Your Own App

Maria Seidman, founder of Yapp, shows Sam Champion how to make his own holiday-themed app.
1:59 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for Yapp: An App to Make Your Own App
That's what we've got to get rid of the program. -- also. Other now is a way to make -- I have always wondered who makes apps now we can make -- -- -- anybody in your studio audience. There could be -- weddings. You. But -- this -- family apple here. And these guys they're from Richmond taxpayer and they created this beautiful -- so they can really organize and share moments with each other over the holidays that is genius now what are some of the other things that I can do with an -- like I guess I can you know put it to one together for my party -- second but one together for. I don't know like making vacation plans anything I want to do with -- -- Actually -- act created -- for -- -- that lets see how it got really for us yeah. This through an adult doing suppress the appetite US on your computer -- -- night. That he -- -- heat. I we choose how I eat right person either act there's a handsome guy -- in anger and how critical it had no idea -- -- at. You know what you've got to get presents for the holidays you know -- nobody Newsnight as soon as he can personalize your pages are out -- even by as. Super dvd is and when your diet you hit publish and you can share with your friends are at the -- out. Staff lack let's go luck at that -- we completed our audit right here it's already on the iPhone already put in yet -- does outlet that everybody ready is seen as being nice thing and not be a nice this year -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Move this is so amazingly wonderful to be able to make your own out and just kind of like doing now -- one more time how do we do it. He daddy yeah -- your computer or iPad and you start creating all right fantastic it's that he delays in German.

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{"id":18019854,"title":"Yapp: An App to Make Your Own App","duration":"1:59","description":"Maria Seidman, founder of Yapp, shows Sam Champion how to make his own holiday-themed app.","url":"/GMA/video/yapp-app-make-app-18019854","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}