Improve Your Outdoor Space in One Weekend

"Yard Crashers" host Matt Blashaw offers do-it-yourself tips for sprucing up your home.
2:36 | 04/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Improve Your Outdoor Space in One Weekend
Time, now, for "Improve this." And we have great DIY tips for beautifying your outdoor space in just a weekend. Here to show us how to do it, host of "Yard crashers," Matt crenshaw. Hi, Matt. I love these ideas. These planters are gorgeous. Nice, chic planters are what I like to call them. These are reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is so hot right now. We basically made a box out of plywood. We sprayed it with flexible sealant. And what we did was we used a brad nailer and had reclaimed wood to make our pattern in front. I like the stripes. Very in. And I like how you brushed the paint on. And more textures and variety of colors, the better. It will make it truly unique for your backyard. How long does this take? A day. Or two. But the most important thing is just make them truly unique. This is what you can do instead of buying a glazed pot. We'll have all of the instructions on I love those. This is a great idea for a gard gard garden trellis. You have these next to a wall. You have to be next to a wall. But now, by putting three of them together, we have made our own free-standing trellis tower. It's like a tripod. We cut the sides to make sure they fit together. And a terra-cotta pot. Really easy. You have the knowledge on that. I like that. We only have time for one more. Yeah. These are actually garden stools, everybody. Big hunks of wood. You have 30 seconds. This is really easy. This looks great with a modern table. Here we go. Everyone want to see a chainsaw? We cut this off. And you slice it like the crust off of a sandwich. Ready to see this work? Yes. There you go.

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{"id":23467977,"title":"Improve Your Outdoor Space in One Weekend","duration":"2:36","description":"\"Yard Crashers\" host Matt Blashaw offers do-it-yourself tips for sprucing up your home.","url":"/GMA/video/yard-crashers-host-matt-blashaw-helps-improve-outdoor-23467977","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}