8-year-old falls to her death on cruise ship

Zion Smith, 8, fell over a railing while the Carnival Glory was docked in Miami, officials said, prompting an investigation by Miami-Dade police.
2:17 | 10/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 8-year-old falls to her death on cruise ship
We are back with the search for answers after an 8-year-old girl fell to her death from a cruise ship docked in Miami. Police are now investigating and ABC's linsey Davis has the story. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Justice and answers. That's what the family of 8-year-old Zion Smith says they're looking for this morning. The little girl just returned from a week-long trib to the caribbean when the unthinkable happened. Her family says they think overzealous passengers eager to get off the ship may have led to her death. This morning, carnival cruise line and investigators are trying to determine just how 8-year-old Zion Smith's family vacation ended in her tragic death. She had just finished a seven-day caribbean cruise with her family. The carnival "Glory" docked at this Miami port when she fell over a railing from an interior floor landing 20 feet below. ABC news obtained these photos showing the immediate aftermath. I went running down and checked for pulses. She had no pulse. Reporter: Her family tells WPLG they believe passengers getting off of a crowded elevator as they prepared to disembark may have been to blame. Pushing as they exited and inadvertently shoving the girl forward. We were on the ship and it was just kind of devastating and she was on the seventh floor and just looked down and seen a body falling and just collapsed. Reporter: Zion transported to a Miami area hospital Saturday eventually succumbing to her injuries. Now this morning Zion Smith's family wants answers. Reportedly telling our affiliate WPLG they're hiring an attorney and planning to meet with carnival cruise representatives? We just need some justice and we need some answers. Once we get that, we can move forward. Reporter: Carnival cruise tells ABC news in a statement, our most heartfelt care and concern is with the family at this very difficult time. Declined to answer questions about the investigation which is now being led by the miami-dade police. The ship has now been turned back over to carnival cruise lines and is currently out on another cruise. Meanwhile, the investigation into just what caused Zion to lose her life continues. Relatives say she was just out of eyesight for a few seconds and witnesses say they could hear her mom screaming, oh, my baby, my baby, as she fell. I mean just can't imagine. As you said they want justice and answers. Trying to figure out what happened.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Zion Smith, 8, fell over a railing while the Carnival Glory was docked in Miami, officials said, prompting an investigation by Miami-Dade police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50527618","title":"8-year-old falls to her death on cruise ship","url":"/GMA/video/year-falls-death-cruise-ship-50527618"}