Meet the 7-year-old entrepreneur running her own food truck

Kyleigh McGee tells "GMA" she loves "being the boss" of her own successful lemonade stand that has since upgraded to a food truck.
2:31 | 07/03/17

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Transcript for Meet the 7-year-old entrepreneur running her own food truck
We've got another pretty remarkable young woman to talk about next dive the story of the very young entrepreneur or who is on the move in Little Rock, Arkansas. Seven year old Kylie started a lemonade stand in her grandmother's front yard last year but guess what if you see where it's gone mobile she's turned it into week food truck. A bill angle for hire the business has become a family affair with highly Vermont Gabrielle Williams and her grandmother Lisa Williams and they are all joining us now from Kiley is lemonade stand in line. Rock. Okay. Yet highly could tell me how's business been this summer. That's it was a good report. Can't really tell me how things all got started. Once it. But that's not eliminate in front of my Handspring are and we did not in see it that way eyewitness legs yeah that's it and got it is not Matt. And the rest that this. Mary and Bob what are you hoping that she learns from this experience. She's learning that people feel she's learning how to save my niece is planning more comfortable and this thing and then out of being a bit. Yeah there. And leave that grandma right you have to be so proud I know you how about two but tell me how bad you act. I am so proud of that. We have so much fun together. She wants to be. Upgrade hamper. She. Love this. To come already said when mom let them must accompany them on let's make lemonade today so you know we have great bond together. And and silent. Hey Nana mop. And. He said that wouldn't know hesitate. I have by the way get real you have like me. You wouldn't you you lost your leverage over your daughter she's got more money than anybody how do you you know how do you publisher which he's you know got all that cash. Oh she is suing their NFL but if we. Is that like a mom who's about those doubters the bonds and. Yeah if you all for joining had a continuing six sacks and the London.

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{"id":48407850,"title":"Meet the 7-year-old entrepreneur running her own food truck","duration":"2:31","description":"Kyleigh McGee tells \"GMA\" she loves \"being the boss\" of her own successful lemonade stand that has since upgraded to a food truck. ","url":"/GMA/video/year-runs-food-truck-appears-live-gma-48407850","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}