New Year's Advice and Cupcakes

"GMA" anchors enjoy cupcakes to bring in the New Year.
0:57 | 12/30/12

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Transcript for New Year's Advice and Cupcakes
Stanley here's a fun facts about New Year's yes -- OK well Playboy it is believed that the F first visitors -- -- occurring in the new year after midnight we'll bring you good or bad luck. -- we wanna be around friends -- people you. -- are your friends that -- happen to someone you don't like your general view I'm branches got a problem but definitely you can get but got a beautiful moment. Senator segment has taken a left turn into a weird territory look at -- -- -- yet I think. So let us from. There's -- and also cupcake loom very excited about it enemy year old actually need that. Washington well -- -- yeah here taking a bite and Carlos analytical thinking -- Clinton is important to. Do you want to -- Atlanta and apparently that's been -- -- by the navy and -- Anybody have a New Year's Eve plans before this thing was never know our -- -- -- direct.

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{"id":18094073,"title":"New Year's Advice and Cupcakes","duration":"0:57","description":"\"GMA\" anchors enjoy cupcakes to bring in the New Year.","url":"/GMA/video/years-advice-cupcakes-18094073","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}