New York City Marathon Canceled Due to Superstorm Sandy

John Muller reports the cancelation of the most popular marathon in the world.
3:00 | 11/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York City Marathon Canceled Due to Superstorm Sandy
Now, to the latest casualty of sandy. The new york city marathon has never been canceled. Not by weather. Not by 9/11. This year, the mayor's insistence that the show must go on, was met with massive outrages. Politicians issuing press releases. People on twitter saying it was the hunger games. And boycotts on facebook. Let's get it to john muller in central park, where the race will not take place. John, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, dan. Behind me, central park gated, shut down. No race hubbub. No race prep. The first for new york city in a week full of firsts. It came down to two arguments. Keep this race on and show how inspiring new yorkers are. Or shut it down and focus 100% on the victims. The pu has spoken loud and clear. They want to focus on the victims. And the city has listened. Like the devastating storm surge that swept over new york city, the pressure and criticism couldn't be held back. The new york city marathon has been canceled. Runners will not trek through a five-borough disaster area. Race organizers and mayor bloomberg issued a joint statement. It is clear it was becoming a matter of controversy and division. The criticism, understandable. Millions are still suffering. Some without power, water and heat. Some without any homes at all. Massive generators sitting idle for the race. Crates of water, even vodka, outraging many runners. Some started a facebook page to boycott the marathon. And the tweets lit up. There's people out there without blankets, without anything. And these generators. Reporter: Some runners applauding the decision to cancel. I feel good that the city is taking care of what it needs to take care of. Reporter: But there's plenty of heat. Mayor bloomberg insisted the race was on, even up until friday afternoon. Literally have flown halfway around the world for this. Reporter: Gavin king came from shanghai, china, to run. I have a charity for homeless. But I can't collect. Reporter: But for millions taking a backseat to suffering, maybe it's best summed up by this runner from south africa. It's a bigger lesson. The bigger lesson, for mere mortals, we're not in control. Reporter: Very good advice there. With the race off, race organizationers will donate all of the supplies they would use for the marathon to those in need. Dan? A lot will be happy to hear that. Thank you.

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{"id":17632501,"title":"New York City Marathon Canceled Due to Superstorm Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"John Muller reports the cancelation of the most popular marathon in the world.","url":"/GMA/video/york-city-marathon-cancelled-due-superstorm-sandy-17632501","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}