New Yorker Finds Multi-Million Dollar Lottery Ticket in His Truck

Jerry Ritieni didn't know that he was driving around with a winning ticket.
2:22 | 09/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Yorker Finds Multi-Million Dollar Lottery Ticket in His Truck
He gives me pens. You're claiming you're chivalrous. A guy drove around with almost $3 million in his trunk and didn't know it. He found his change. I imagine he is one very happy millionaire. Very -- Would you like to borrow a pen. So chivalrous. Lost in chivalry. Anyone has a car knows how much things pile up perhaps a lottery ticket worth 2.9million. That's what happened to Gerry. He is a single father of two. Supply know you got to be in it to win it but never expected I would win. The 48-year-old auto body shop owner has been playing the lottery for a decade without ever winning a prize. Until he hit the jackpot back in July. But he didn't find out about his windfall until last week. It was right in here behind the keys. For six weeks the winning quick pick ticket. Right in here. Reporter: Sat forgotten in the center console of his red dodge ram. What if it blew out. I would have never known I won. Reporter: He waited another few days before going online to check the Numbers. A perfect 6 for 6 match. I got to the sixth number. I just freaked out and couldn't believe it and said things I can't say on TV. Reporter: Ritieno choosing to take the lump sum payout, almost $1.3 million after taxes. Pie biggest plan is to put a good chunk of change in my kids' 529 college funds and then the rest of the money I'm going to act like I never got it. Reporter: If you think jerry is going to stop playing the lotto now, don't bet on it. Hopefully lightning will strike twice. Reporter: But he's not leeing anything to lady luck anymore. Making sure all his tickets are right where he can see them. This time I'll make sure that it's on my person and not lose sight of any tickets from this point forward. Today happens to be Gerry's 48th birthday. New York gaming commission told us Gerry's odds of winning this particular lotto were 1 in 45 million. Wow. Great. Great for him. Interesting he says he'll buy more lottery tickets. I don't think he needs it. In it to win it. It's all about the winning. I only find French fries. Rob Marciano probably does too.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Jerry Ritieni didn't know that he was driving around with a winning ticket.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25312196","title":"New Yorker Finds Multi-Million Dollar Lottery Ticket in His Truck","url":"/GMA/video/yorker-finds-multi-million-dollar-lottery-ticket-truck-25312196"}