Company Claims Clothes Help Burn Calories

Zaggora HotPants designed to make the wearer sweat more while working out.
3:18 | 01/16/13

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Transcript for Company Claims Clothes Help Burn Calories
that allegedly will make you sweat more and shed extra pounds. We asked, do they really work? Juju is modeling for us. And has their story. Reporter: I call it bikram workout clothes. The idea is it raises your core body temperature. It makes you hotter while you work out. And research suggests it makes you burn more calories, even as you're stopping working out. And it gives a new meaning to the phrase, hot pants. It's a trend winning over the fitness fashion forward. Workoutwear that makes you look and feel hot. Camouflage your cellulite and hide your tummy. Women live in their workout clothes. They do. You might as well look good in them. This is a tummy tamer that's hidden in the garment. But it's really comfortable. Reporter: Now, there's a line of clothing that promises to help burn more calories. You can burn more calories by wearing the clothes? The body burns more calories when the body gets hotter. Reporter: According to the founder, these pants will help you sweat more and help you melt off those extra pounds. The skeptic in me would say, come on. How much more can you really burn? Pants help you burn 11% more calories while you're exercising. T importantly, in the hour after afte exercising, will help you burn 13% more calories. Reporter: It helps you after you stop working out? Yes, because you're hotter. Reporter: It's part of a new trend that we've seen in 2012. Even sew, so, zagora has true believers. And the workoutwear is selling like hot cakes. In part, thanks to real woman posting real reviews on the facebook page, which has over 300,000 fans. And mums are great. Once mum's behind an idea, they tell all of their friends. Reporter: We decided to get some real-time reviews from the LaGUARDIA HIGH SCHOOL TRAC O ♪ Reporter: They're wearing turbo rockets. More thermal. Reporter: It does? I'm sweating more, but in a good way. Reporter: In a good way. Wait. They're all so much faster. Wait. Slow down. Okay. I volunteered sam to put one on, right? I'm sweating like a dog right now. It works. We can see your pecs. I am weather man. Weather man. I feel like I'm doing "sea rescue." I'm doing it in a wetsuit. And the only down side is it's a little pricey. It's about 150 bucks for this jacket. I'm never coming out of this, by the way. And it has benefits. A workout and a girdle, all in one. And I'm wearing it now, lara. You are. Here you go. I got this. Thank you, sam. We want you to model this one, josh. Go ahead. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Zaggora HotPants designed to make the wearer sweat more while working out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18227957","title":"Company Claims Clothes Help Burn Calories","url":"/GMA/video/zaggora-hotpants-claims-clothes-burn-calories-18227957"}