Are Americans Too Big for Zara Clothes?

World's largest retail chain says it has no plans to add plus sizes to fashion line.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Are Americans Too Big for Zara Clothes?
chain. Zara saying it has no plans to make bigger clothes that would fit most americans because making the bigger sizes would cost big bucks to make. Juju chang is here with that. Juju, good morning. Reporter: Did you know obesity rates in the u.S. Are 35%, compared to 10% in france and italy. Could the global leader in fashion really be ignoring the u.S. Market? I went shopping with two plus-sized bloggers to check it out. They're fashionable clothe at a friendly price, if you can fit into them. The chain zara, is the world's largest retailer. They beat out forever 21 or h&m, in the fashion market, which introduces new fashion-forward, low-cost clothing every two weeks. But one thing you won't find on their racks, plus sizes. According to a "new york times" article, that's no design flaw. Adding larges sizes costs more. That may be why across the globe there's nearly 1,700 zara stores. But in the u.S., Just 45. Experts say zara isn't expanding more in the u.S. Because the u.S. Has a problem with expanding waistlines. They feel almost as if plus-sized women are aliens that came from mars or somewhere. Reporter: What's a plus-sized zara lover to do? We took these fashionistas on a shopping trip to one of these rare zara stores in the u.S., To see how the designer sizes measure up. Three bags of loot later, it was time to try things on. This is an extra large. Now, I'm using my yoga technique to get into this. I can't get my arm in the back. This is as far as it's going on me. I'm a size 8. That's really cute. I'm thinking I'm an extra large now. Although americans are, in fact, more obese than europeans, unlike zara, other global retailers have seized the american waistline by the belt. And are making money. H&m and uniclo have done tremendous business here. I don't know why you would want to shut yourself out of the american market. Plus-sized women need to understand that your money is just as good as anybody else's money. You're trying on an extra large. Imagine us. We're going in there with our MacGYVER EYE, HOW CAN WE MAKE This work? Reporter: And these girls sure know how. Turning a shirt into a tube top. It doesn't fit here. Reporter: The brand's petite clothing is no match for their quest for a perfect find. Does it make you not want to shop zara? I love their handbags and shoes. I still have a place in my heart, somewhere for zara. Reporter: Both of those fashion bloggers wear a size 18 to 20. And they can usually get into an extra large or a xl. They can only squeeze into one of the items properly. We tried to get a response from zara. And there was no comment.

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{"id":17726650,"title":"Are Americans Too Big for Zara Clothes?","duration":"3:00","description":"World's largest retail chain says it has no plans to add plus sizes to fashion line.","url":"/GMA/video/zara-fashion-line-sizes-coming-time-17726650","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}