Martin's Parents: 'We Will Define Our Son's Legacy'

Attorneys for Trayvon Martin's parents Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson talk with Robin Roberts.
2:50 | 07/15/13

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Transcript for Martin's Parents: 'We Will Define Our Son's Legacy'
I spoke to the attorneys for trayvon martin's family, ben crump and natalie jackson. Ben and natalie, that is for joining us, a very difficult morning. As we know trayvon's parents were advised not to attend the reading of the verdict. They were in church yesterday morning. Ben, can you tell us how they're holding up this morning? You know, after going through just devastation, they were heartbroken because they really wanted the killer of their unarmed son to be held accountable. They went through the grieving process all over again, but they went to church and when they came out of chump, sybrina called me and she said, we are not going to let this verdict define trayvon. We will define our son's legacy. We have a long way to go to make sure this happens to nobody else's child, especially after this verdict. And I know that she really wanted to get that message out and that's primarily why she wanted you to be with us this morning. You say you accept the jury's verdict. Of course, you do not agree with it. Can you elaborate a little more on that, ben? Certainly. You know, robin, it's so troubling to so many people. That's why people are protesting peacefully, I might add, but people are troubled by this because they see their own children walking home and are they safe now because this verdict says certain children can have a target on their back just because of what they wear and how they look and there's a verdict now that says if they are accosted, they are not going to be held accountable. That's every parent's worst nightmare. Natalie, the family and you all have been very steadfast in asking for a peaceful response. What is the message from the family to people this morning? I think the message is one of appreciation and also understanding. Understanding that people are disappointed. What got us here was the fact that 2.2 million people signed a petition of all race, all demographics, all political affiliations who thought george zimmerman should be arrested so I think that the family's message to these people is their actions inspire change and now, you know, don't restrain that action and restrain that power and that energy. Use it but just use it in a positive manner. If I may add very simply, tracy martin said that for trayvon to rest in peace we must all remain peaceful and i thought that was a very positive message. And it's one that is being heard by the vast majority of people, again, on both sides. Ben crump, natalie jackson, thanks very much for joining us this morning and please send our very best to the martin family. You take care.

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{"id":19666592,"title":"Martin's Parents: 'We Will Define Our Son's Legacy'","duration":"2:50","description":"Attorneys for Trayvon Martin's parents Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson talk with Robin Roberts.","url":"/GMA/video/zimmerman-verdict-trayvon-martins-parents-define-sons-legacy-19666592","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}