San Diego Zoo Animals Take Over Times Square

Ginger, Gio and Sarah share a video that may be the cutest thing you've ever seen.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Transcript for San Diego Zoo Animals Take Over Times Square
We did some some some pets and they live final. Really cool ones Rick -- is here with San Diego zeal and some friends we. -- -- where they couldn't drink. Oh. You you know between us last night and -- coming on the show I did. Check here paycheck I wouldn't register no I was sharing some beautiful animals review against our the started out really beautiful one it was a gorgeous Burmese -- yes and we him just a little bit -- right now we have out here -- she's an eagle wow -- largest species of Powell found of the world. The eyes she's taken the studio all -- cameras move -- Because they're very visually stimulated -- -- the there -- -- for the nighttime vision and being the wise old -- sort of look about them. But the reality is there I just so big is not a lot of room for brains. -- I know how she vehemently. -- -- -- But they do know and have -- with do what they need to do survive in the wild have excellent nighttime vision agreements and great -- what people don't realize that -- tough so there are just that they're just rather fast not years. -- -- actually very closely eyes to the eyes are so big in the school so small. Sound comes in they have great hearing. Silent flight to -- shall -- winds will be of. Feel that -- Lol that's. You can feel that air but you hardly hear anything at all that's because of -- -- -- -- on the end -- little fringes. Breaks up the air brakes of the vortex would normally -- -- here come off the winning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- newspaper on the other and -- she could read English. They could read that fine print quite well so very very impressive and it's needed because they're up there at -- time in the trees apart on -- cliff side. Standing down looking for that food at home thinking yeah we have a whole bunch and I don't think that over here I've got one of my but my friends bring an end. -- right there on the table for you. -- -- -- -- -- What it would allow. Police what is there I don't know the -- -- is and does that job search. That the company might know what that might. Dissident community and his name is school Taylor -- you've written here -- -- -- -- I was. I don't I mean it has indicted for accurate as it is out of landing -- the Cleveland over the move independently he would backwards and we're the same time -- I'm trying to master it's pretty impressed he had most teachers I think have -- when I guess analysts were my teachers could you do that and the other while the -- has just to get although he's only a -- a full year yet where is he needed to their native who the Middle East Yemen that sort of area -- be in a wooded area forested area. And Tennessee believe there I'll move pretty quick now for chameleon normally -- they -- of predators around -- danger. We'll stop listening to his body being removed because -- -- of Lyndon -- like a leaf on the trees are pretty impressive. -- -- had little use this little -- like -- -- yeah. And -- and I forgot my territory for tripping and was really cool about these guys do we think they change color because doing blended environment oriented changer right there. Have you -- -- -- actually in lieu of their their temperament if they're -- feeling threatened to of -- territorial I want attracted me that'll influence or color change. -- -- This is. If I'm glad I don't. -- I'm going to let -- -- here. We got a beautiful little young Q did you -- -- -- definitely that now are hard to believe what they are related to the raccoon. They're found in south and Central America -- -- Museums. The -- -- -- used a lot like him to let union's original opposable thumb but it looks like it when they were -- -- reducing -- they're found itself and since America look fractured my fingers. A free -- Tyler grass entails mostly we associate of monkeys that's appropriate. There's only one other carnivores in the world that has three and taller grass until this is one of called the Q did you get called are you gonna go for him a hypocrite or got that one player can we don't zoom into your arms from. Texas is is it. It's part of the -- into the triple threat that Sunday giving misleading. This isn't so this is it isn't only about seven months old though -- size of medium size not. And they're very important leaders are actually stick your face in new large flowers have a -- -- about -- six inches long because an actor out civilians getting pummeled in the face of the flower to flower. They and about. That is not only -- when he got no wow yeah. Now does that affect malaria Natalie I don't know what I keep on -- otherwise very like image there's one other -- -- part of war. This -- -- yeah. Says about why he doesn't. Hold on here again this is all I -- -- What is he eating vegetables. They are -- -- is this is Mo short -- -- now who would like to smell like a -- felt. Not involved in the and you wanted to hold the video -- about -- the other solidified my mother didn't -- automobile and on -- Thursday. Right this -- -- big. He'll hold on just like real gentle fueling -- yeah actually showing up on the maternal. Hundreds of subdued calm down you feel your hero well. This is -- -- from -- is now -- very popular lately our pop culture and obviously very adorable very cute as you Republicans assuming that motorists have cooked up. But what's you know that have had to you know -- -- is really like style look at -- is that this is they're brownish in color that we can see here. But in the rainforests are so slow algae in March let's say look at the odds will live in their for their own ecosystem basically in the yeah yeah despite got this far behind here when -- it down definitely it was about once or twice a week. Don't go down and the miles with a plastic eggs in that and move larvae were growing that and the -- welcome back up in the whole cycle continues and they don't they they do get down to go about -- once once maybe a week or fourteen days and finally talking about using your president now -- -- -- -- with avalanche at an area we're gonna Jesse don't. Is sacred -- but in a week -- only -- -- take -- -- won't Hamels or tear gas contestants sang at the the normal through years ago I never thought is it actually you're really good feeling some maternal and Kenya. The slump this for you Laura I don't I ask I'm just letting out my inner -- I think what's so nice to the San Diego -- -- many times and it's it's one of those places and like any easier but especially there were you with the kids learn so much yeah and learning every time you bring someone. That's the go we wanna get people hooked we like a -- really popular pop culture and it's great because -- get hooked on the -- that we could teach them something about the extent. -- -- I thought I know right hand -- -- about conservation and now it is calm moment for the U waffling -- wildlife little more hopefully do some little more your life and to help wildlife. So when the great programs we have right now we're actually created a children's network for kids -- goes right and children's hospitals follow kids can't come at a busy. Actually it does you come within its own it private channel right there -- all senators who videos and -- -- HD. Him and everything else. -- we do that one other L yeah I'm really leading let me because they have to go yeah he's got to go this one we don't want it all in the area. It's -- -- all right come on dude sorry. And as anybody anywhere and because -- -- -- needed every month to seriously yes yeah. I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna mean -- thing. Here we're -- and a -- of a failure will give the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How you sir -- are you know guys -- -- they isolated like I'm scared but I think that's probably why do this and I know these are fascinating and over top -- side over here. This economy is highly volatile this python is -- or -- cystic meaning of its liking a lot of the normal -- from Lucille blackened ten pattern. This would not survive normally in the wild because it would stick out like a sore thumb would be camouflage prey items would be at -- predators -- excuse me. Couple of fun facts so not slimy as no I have a lot of he's moonlighting to diligently they would move slow like a slug in the have a slime trail behind them the very dry very smoothly as well by this war which allowed -- -- -- so easily we give them that shines. -- also very important to you see on this gorgeous face appeared hard and new home. You'll see that tongue flicking in and out every now and then that's because that's the way they sense their environment they -- have eyes like you and I happen to have nostrils to. Nozzles are strictly for breathing though the eyes can see but not very well however all the organs you and I have -- -- our sinuses to sense our environment through -- they have from the roof of -- mouth. So flicking that come in and -- allows you bring those particles in. And -- -- -- there's some anchors around some camera and moved to the general public back here enjoying the show how do you think it's it's -- the -- is no big deal announced he smelt and it's not like -- lunch or dinner. He -- -- jerking around during the focused and aware and that's not happening so I'm clearly not you are clearly not listens to a -- -- And welcome to. They can only swallow something about four times the size -- -- give -- take. And I'll let you guys are good -- it comes in handy yes. At -- because he's out I know you're saying normally stacked up that cannot get -- that usually in the wild yes you know Missouri we have a couple of do quite well obviously there's nothing wrong with -- crusade but they don't went into their environment -- -- when they're young unit that makes -- -- really good target for predators when their small little baby snakes this bright colors that south. Predators and so you don't normally see them and why they could be a sort of -- and it literally they're there. And that most likely it's genetic mutation that causes the color change or lack of -- so that's what is she. It's lost its lowest -- anyone can join Gerry Connolly all right now our -- I have. We have another cutie for you -- all out Nolan in alone. The song and it's yeah yeah yeah let me let L wild animal all right this land -- while -- -- disgrace you want like. Still allow. Many fear and -- this -- one of my favorite animals on the fire landed. Well it's. Police say a high as -- sort of a distant distant cousin this is a baby bear cat or -- wrong. And they are just amazing. The thick dense -- people think they wouldn't hold environment but the reality is -- in the rain forests it -- where the Burmese python from. So that said speaker. So that said this -- seems to throw people off but it's actually the original cortex its water Bob water -- -- -- a roll right off but it brings very well. Also has a prehensile tail and can be using other brook -- worth making but like thinking -- you although part of work they love to eat their -- you anything breakdown there. Meaning that now am I don't actually a lot of fruits of their great seeing this person because of that and the behavior within mostly eat fruits and vegetation couldn't -- you -- That's sort of yeah and they're really cool in the OC member after their very elusive in the White House feels seamless documentary -- -- players tee yes very rough play at this age is all about -- by people like this playing with their siblings -- fine playing humans well you've seen the action. Yeah from what last nearly pulled back about these guys -- -- speaker islands like. Yeah when animals market territory we talked about group earlier sometime this stuff we don't like -- -- when they mark their territory from which buttered popcorn lung. Your nose and my nose can't really tell a different during buttered popcorn and freshly marked been strong character I guarantee you though there -- can tell the difference not only about between butter popcorn. And -- strong territory but also was a boy or girl -- that territory into -- and having a neighbor. Michael in the movie you -- Actually acronym of the guys celebrate it but you really acknowledge openly the -- -- under popcorn yes that is so important so they can happen -- and make -- go. We don't even know when I -- not expect that that would be important -- -- apparent yesterday. I'm. Not been -- for that might influence kids I -- ankle. Movie I didn't go there you. All right they cleaned and I think kids I I -- you know. You know you guys are great unsupported social media San Diego Zoo in our safari park bowl for being a social media so people can go -- -- on Twitter all the other things -- And we love having that support and we can tell our stories of the world that -- so I appreciate you -- also had to. ET replay until my fighter like all the way from the San Diego zero. Here in New York City thank you so much drinking and everybody handling skill yeah you're about -- -- that's a big team that -- -- is an -- I'm.

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{"id":23082067,"title":"San Diego Zoo Animals Take Over Times Square","duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger, Gio and Sarah share a video that may be the cutest thing you've ever seen.","url":"/GMA/video/zoo-animals-video-san-diego-zoo-animals-times-23082067","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}