10% Happier with Hannah Hart of 'My Drunk Kitchen' fame

Hart sat down with ABC's Dan Harris to talk about her YouTube brand, her family's struggle with mental illness and how she found meditation.
45:04 | 02/22/17

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Transcript for 10% Happier with Hannah Hart of 'My Drunk Kitchen' fame
Hey I'm Dan Harris Miami fidgety skeptical newsman who had a panic attacks live on Good Morning America to describe said. We'll leave for cancer that led me something I always thought was ridiculous. Meditation. I wrote a book about it month and a half. And now starting this podcast. Try to figure out there's anything beyond 10% basically here's what. Can be an ambitious person who is nonetheless driving or enlightenment where that thing. Let's start the show. Thank you for doing this really appreciated truthful to me especially after who I listened to look at and read it 00 yeah. How are them and I was actually in a hurry. I was late so I listened to parts of it on like double speed so. What I know now is little trip east is it because I'm not Titanic tonight yes exactly and I didn't even know that you could listen to a book on animals is. I learned this because a lot of people told me they listen to mine on double speed and at first I was a little offended. And to be honest but over time actually as I've become because they have to do its part castles on and we need to you know listen or read people's books. And he'd do it quickly and do that helps me. Now I have to say that. Reading our back I don't think they could listen to double speed because it would stressed now. A lot that happened yes glad that it's the latter is your book actually in I was not let them a second the let me just ask you to question how is efforts which is how you can imitate. OK I am an app called head space yes my sister you know obviously I was familiar with meditation and casual way and that. You know your friend dragged it doing yoga class and at the end of it I like and alone here again and clear my alma. And it was always like my favorite part of the class but not something I found to be really sustainable that's like a couldn't return to that moment and less and is in and dimly lit yoga studio after working in now. My older sister. Became a litany only name yeah. Naomi is a huge fan of an out even on doubles need to remember that in half and elements that the even she's a huge fan and an app called heads. I learned so much from and it's so. EZ eighty used has no like. You know religious bias which I know turns a lot of people off in terms of like. Spirituality that a that it it approaches it from a way that I think even the biggest skeptic would be able to benefit from. And I'm by no stretch of the imagination a skeptic of all things unknown. By I feel like that really opens doors are people who wouldn't normally gravitate towards meditation what impact is ahead on new you know. The positive like. That I would say. Now it's like. You know the metaphor about. You're either ship on top of the waves really cruising through the ocean it's like a house with my re activity. You now. On the outside and I'm always seeming pretty common awesome like super happy but on the ends that I can like really anxious really fast. And meditation is kind of help me. Like control but not and that active way it's so hard talk from meditation because when you talk about it you use all these active verbs but it's really. It's passive. You know it's it's it's not controlled not forcing myself to calm down I just have more calm in me like my body knows. More how to create space between. Action yeah that makes and it does Middle East to me. Now so had a whole demonization experience they get back to the body had space those specifically is that. They have this ten day challenge which is can you meditate for ten minutes today ten days took me one year to completing. And after that gap like million acres of. He's interesting you know actually that I'm friends of the guys who do head's face their phenomenal human beings. I am partial to it a newer app called 10% happier available in Annapolis. For I'm. But we find that to that that people. Dance around there at de Canada they dipped their toe in nickel way to come back. And eats. And I'm fascinated by this what easy it debt that stops people. From getting started. I mean the same thing that stops people from putting on their issues and going to the gym you now it's like it's just. It's just getting there it's it's resignation. You know I woke up this morning and I found myself immediately diving in to the same like thought patterns. That kind of let brought me down yesterday I had this which was like okay. I don't have to think like yesterday today like I was looking so forward to tomorrow and that tomorrow is here. So I'm just gonna change the way and thinking about today Dick you just fall into what's familiar. And it's more familiar to not go to the gym and bingo. In out. That's so so it's overcoming ownership gap we liked I've meant I've outed her on this before but my wife does not meditate. And and I don't lecture her about it because I know that will be first on issues Khamese Mac and second it would be to shortcut to her never meditating. But I think her species intuition a skeptic she likes said her husband is less an idiot the Denny's to be. Still plenty. Monday they're not to like but and she's aside this issue really sees sciences and is and is is into it. Just can't get started. It's okay for like that they have a partner who doesn't who's not Anderson meditation dude do you think it's cool to be like hey why don't we. Meditate together for like ten minutes in you can try it out and CIA like it. Yes I've done that what are we gonna many times she's. She or her problem is just starting it daily happen but I do I don't think I'm really wary of proselytizing in and I have if you wanna listen to podcast that's up to you. And Tory my book that's at TU and if you wanna listen immediate talks and time fine. I don't talk about in lessening asks me because it dates short at the inning really knowing. Actually there's there isn't them. Cartoon in The New Yorker. The coming years ago I had two women having lunch and one of them says the other adding gluten free for a week and I'm already annoying. And I think that applies to meditation man but I think you're actually on safe ground if you're with somebody in there are not amenities hey hey wanna tie together where I would wrong. I don't know if this if you're talking about your own experience but where I would put up a red flag would be if the person is resistant I wouldn't bring it up again. In. And resistance. To doing that accurate now intent based I mean tennis I haven't been asked. I've never know I mean I'm I'm strong I am. Massively pro meditation where redo it is fine China and those heads big if you're gonna have space you're in good hands those guys are great. I just did I I did the acceptance pack. Pack is there they do like a little him Andy that began its base who I want to have on on this podcasts and does deemed. Meditations. Sequences and athletic album packed. Acts yak and I says doing that the pact on acceptance. When I was working tank conserve my mom. And what did you to conserve and to conserve that are home after an on the middle. I was in the acceptance packed and was so fast Anthony's and did not expect it did not expect the question to be what you resist only woody what is it that your resisting. Instead of an and that's really that. That question of force you know I've always used like a whipped to motivate myself I've always used. Guilt or obligation or force or just come on hand Alec. Let's go to try motivate myself but just as simple as being like. What do you resisting about getting up is such a different question than why aren't you getting. It's a brilliant question my meditation teachers guide Joseph Goldstein I've been studying with for a while talks about. Like it in within meditation heat when you're actually meditating he talks about struggle as us as a feedback if you're struggling. That's an important source of feedback and and you should look for what he's struggling yet what are you not accepting what he resisting. And venue. Hone in on and then and cut not a non bank is well I'm cannot be so uptight about. And it's not that easy. I say when you're working with some as youth and alluded to some intern maternal issues that are pretty profound. Which lets get him. And allied come back to meditation because I want to hear. How. EU found that it's useful on two of the main issues you talk about your book. By offering. The man frank and said tales of a lively loaded. In fact. It shocked shocked fifteen year olds across the nation. Predicted because of the things you revealed in there that they would not have expected well you know that's it's kind of my joke is due to raise it on me to ring eateries at the Spiegel stereotype of having like teenage girls is there at their audience and you know fortunately have always had like an older and older group of people content and report will year you don't want fifteen year old kids. Getting drunk. Actually not but I do think that I am healthy example of moderation and inspiration but it's a very family for other program what do your parents. It is family friend it is and the book is Stanley credit. Currently even though you're dealing with they're issues yet thinking I feel that exact same way but it's so interesting to me because. Again this is just an actor broke like at the end of one of my signings on tour I see this lightened by small child like under tents single digit holding my. And I'm Mike and like it's clear that they just wanted to celebrity to sign a book and I look at apparently retreated as potent. How am I a big fan and you know. And that the dad was like are now she just loves to YouTube so we figured you know it is trying to get a the next you do about it. And that Laker and stop him and I Mikey should really read this before you let your daughter Regis. And I was just so dead serious and it's not that I believe that we should really like Brittany age on books but I do think. That if the parent the parent need to know what kind of questions are getting themselves into you. And as a parent these are tricky issues but EU. And we're dancing around it here but you raise some really serious stuff I think you do it and of totally forthright way. And by a fifteen year old can dive to you Rhode Island or fourteen year old may be a thirteen year old that would total electorate as I didn't think he maybe. Single digits now it's adding single digits in little Tia yet and a it's like it's a post puberty book or a midst of puberty. Yes for sure. So I was gonna say they're the reason want to connect meditation eventually because there to remain teams in the book one is. Really profound family issues the other is career stuff and anti Iraq career and I wanna hear a little bit about how. Meditation how to deal both of those but let's get an actual book so in the book you talk about stuff that I think a lot of people who. Know your shiny happy veneer on YouTube might never have been able to into. And so I'll let you tell a story sounds like you have some some serious challenges a ticket. Man turns out. You know along when I grew up. The book is mainly focuses about like the stigma surrounding mental health and how lack of awareness and on an education and a lack of structure in our society as a whole really. Creates more harm than good in families that suffered from mental illness. You know my mother has. Has psychosis. And it just got worse Morris and Morse Israel older it's really hard to explain this and not shell which is why. You know I wrote the book but Italy we don't union a chill here you can goes on as you will happily. So the book really deals with the kind of my mother's descent eventually culminating in homelessness eventually culminating in me trying to provide care for her. And my journey at from a child to an adult trying to right care to this person that I love love deeply. And coming and to system that literally told me there's nothing you can do. And I wanted to keep jittery despair because I want people to become aware of the fact that you know walking our children by homeless people on the street. We're teaching them up they failed society. But the truth is society failed them there's this shiny gap in our health care and our mental health care. That lets people who are nonviolent non violent people who suffer from psychosis meaning. You know their we don't share the same now 100% of the time nonviolent people and upon us because of their violent end up in jail which is horrific. And he led this huge margin. Of people that. Are just ignored. And is as a result in hampered any and mental health and the easiest you'll note as a result of the Al PS act of 1960 something. Which in the sixties they really don't know these you know where we're doing terrible things the mental health care and warehousing them in mental institute exactly one flew over the who's not exactly in in the Reagan Eric came an election not out. And it shut it all down but there is no solution in the placed the system isn't broken. It's missing a part. Anyways I talk about that on the issues that stem from in the. Which to me some of the most poignant stuff was good that was relating TU as the character in less that you're my obviously it's have Adam. An enormous amount compassion for which mom's gone through but you're the narrator and I really focus still I mean he I think the reader focuses a lot on your experience as a kid. In a household. Where your dad's gone and is joined the the Jehovah's Witnesses with which you have few quo with whom you have a few corals and. And then your mom. Is not a reliable partner in many ways and its say the household was not safe. Now and it's it's sad beak you know I open the book with a quote from my mom says there are no bad guys in the story. And I think my abilities. To have feel compassion for another person has been a great blessing in my life and it's something my mother taught me. My ability to have great optimism is something my mothers taught me. But at the same time. She hasn't been the most reliable parent through no fault of her on. And it interesting because I I lived my whole life but this ability to not blame people. But what I realized as an adult is I was just internal rising all of it like any current allies child. I was yeah I wasn't mad at them it's their fault they're sick they're this they're that. Again they get it but meanwhile I was developing these really deeply seeded self hate issues he now. It's like when your little kid alone in the house make 567. And you're scared your percent he spends much time alone is aidid. In your crying and you want comfort. Eventually just stop crime news is there's no one there to teach you how to comfort yourself knowing that you give you comfort seat just have to stop. And that can I carried into adult it and manifested in a number of ways ways. Oh now. That's not easier to write about the talk yeah yeah suffering but dot com available. And as far as I'm freelance quote just to talk a little bit about having just I have a two year old son Amylin to more sensitive issues what it's like to be a kid and the you know view or as you said a loan a lot in a house that was not. Sanitary. It wasn't clean and you know I didn't really realize how horrible. That lies and tied older it's it's if you except to judge G word to use a word horrible and anyone that grew up in the kind of environment knighted. Yeah our house was clean like you know in the animals. Went to the bathroom inside it was definitely declared uninhabitable a couple times CPS. You know we come likable times a year meal like make this fit for human habitation. And I guess they really really really didn't realize that that wasn't normal for a long time like what is normal anyway by. I really didn't realize that it was like Matt. You know he's everybody's got issues and I'm and it's like when you get really high school and middle school give us attack common moms can easy. Like oh my family's got basement on you don't even know I was I can only get to sound so horrible. Then I go to their houses. And eight. Ha. You know they have food they have food. But doesn't not to diminish any of those real. Traumas that people endure violence trauma is different but it really took me on time to realize. And I still kind of him in denial I guess that it wasn't. It was more abnormal woman known as you mountain now. Love or not she's out she's really working on and she's really working hard on everything. She's taking medication and where working as a great group. You know as a going to end offering I was able to use. On the spoilers but heck. What I did conserving my mother is not something happens. I nine conserving. When you conserve someone's it is to form to conservation there's probate actions or leadership and help yes cancer partnership. Probate is what you do with your aging parent you know you're aging parents no longer able. To care for their finances say you take on their financial staff. If it dementia and alzheimer's you're able to help provide them care get them into a home etc. that are it's literally what we do with their parents and they McConnell their probate concern readership. It's great they can choose to do it. The issue is is that if you or someone who suffers from psychosis. Which is he only group that falls and LPS. You then an LPS censorship are able to. Help get them care whether or not they're willing to and that's lake. It's visit wonderful wonderful book called I'm not sick I don't need help. And the issue with someone's reality is that when you look at someone and say hey you know at the sky's blue and if you cancer going along with the fact that the sky's blue. This cutting through real issues. You're gonna terrified peppers because that's their reality that's really real to them. And so LP expert sponsorship. Allows you. To medicate some. Team to be informed the second the hospitalized to be able to make decisions on their behalf in returns in terms of their psych psychiatric levee. So. What I found was so shocking is that site ER and medical ER are different psyche our doesn't have to notify me. Psyche our wouldn't let us in his Alec oh she's not requesting him. I think she's requesting me she's not talking about anything she sang cents when Amy she's not requesting me. In out. That's for history. So weary she is she in a safe place and a safe place she's an and one of the I'm very very very very few facilities that help. That work with the -- lane and with that person to rehabilitate them to whatever extent they can be and and decide. What. What he knew Ian you you you came out of at. A childhood that was as we've I think pretty firmly established and it had it's pretty serious challenges what you knew that you ended up only UC Berkeley. Now he's one of us schools and others in the world. How what Kenya as its tell it definitely it's in arguably true and what he knew it gave you this track. To apply yourself in school get into this plays do well there and do all that you've done subsequently given I mean I think a lot of people would have been crushed under the weight of which. What you were dealing. Hanging. For as the little food there was in the house and as much feces or was on the floor. We all loved each other a lot and I was given a lot of encouragement. And I was ten. Whether or not it's rooted in reality I was told I was Smart and special. And I could do anything and one in. And I was just really encouraged and that's pretty much it and I didn't believe it in I was there really grumpy teenager I was only Medicaid and you. That I am now they just my teachers really believed in me. It's weird. Because I still to this day believe that it's in the encouragement. That got me where I am. But I can't understand it anchors and comes from it's like to say that the encouragement is stems from my actions or behavior feels wrong and as a key. Just blindly encouraged me on my life for absolutely no reason. I still feel it. The serious food and Pluto kudos to your mom is fighting through the fog of psychosis she was still able to transmit that message to. Yet but you know it it's like in her own way like you know we didn't have like pencils are binder paper. You know she was held able to help clients like wash our clothes. You now. But she loved deaths and and that message came through it and you know it's orange think my most read the book now. And she was like you ever asked for anything that. NASA contractor olds don't ask for me to do their entry. Five year old. Put on and Derek pants. Like you know I'm glad I let my mom she. She's incredibly kind person who was never given the tools to understand. That her suffering is not her. You know on a mean and so. The app. I just just for the people that don't know anything might help yes there's is pretty conservative ship it's really important to stress the fact LPS conserve leadership to conservative shift to help a mentally ill family member never happens. Everyone who I worked with in this told me this is not gonna happen this never happens to the data when I finally won my case. As a wealthy educated white famous person. The when I walked out of court conservative or ship. Caseworker was like this never happens and panic you've done an amazing thing. And I was like this house to happen Morton. It it can't just be that means it's like literally basically at the top of our social food chain. Still has to really wedge and struggle for eight years to get this done. And that's I can take time off work anytime I want. And still get paid because I run my own business house anybody going to be able to do this. Fair enough fired a. Get me guess mile really and send it sounds. Like Sweeney we need to think about sisters and here and there's no question and in there's also no question the mental health system in this country's. Jack yeah Jack afterward and I would have come up with serious attack innocent yes. My thanks sentiment. I just nasty DD do you have any reluctance talking about. This stuff given your perfect your career in the image you projected in the world was this does a pretty big bomb to drop on folks. I can say with total sincerity. That the only reason I pursued and it came it was to spread this message. I'm really lucky that I'm funny because it gave me a platform to do this. It's weird though now is suffering out and mean. Being in this career. Unlike likened the thing I wanna to DO. I do now what. Motivating me and mom's OK OK months OK here's successful. It's weird. So weird moment as of this is what you. The act stunned check. Got that message like oh I see so what what do you want now and a little really and a total amount you luck going on though yeah. I do. I'm really excited you're headed to do all that you don't know why are known and on the winding anymore and a you know it's like when your really motivated by sampling. Or by specific goals which is I don't want my mom to die covered in cockroaches and ash and without that and now on Mike good check. I feel I don't know what's driving me and after I've lost my whip. Let's work on this for a book but before we do. Go back and root for those who haven't watched any your stuff how did migrant kitchen get start clue it's a delightful tale. Didn't sell as he mentioned I would TC Berkeley and I studied English literature Japanese language so with my two degrees. When the market crash in 2008 as nine. All. Wouldn't my generation graduated we were the over educated on how the you know and they're just entry at Rupert pinky you know. But it's better your thirty's it's there. Are on its ugly truth monies are tough men they are there the worst they've aged me via the twenties age you. Just make. So when when my generation graduated. You know I sighed and went around me. People who had studied rhetoric and molecular cell biology and and it really impolite. Things that we're destined for to go places just nobody got to nobody got and she leveled it is not and so every struggling. And I have always wanted to make sure that I was making practical decisions of my life so I pursued proof reading copy editing work you know. My secret heart of hearts dream was always to being in a creative industry but that. Pursuing and it came it was not practical and it's too risky then there's no safety. So whenever it. So I had an opportunity. To take proof reading job out here in New York for company that I was working for part time in tip its discount on as a part time jobs here. And I moved from tip to scrutiny art and my roommate who's at the time. I may remain at the time a former remains at Cisco suffers from chronic depression and we always lifted each other up and making jokes. And so one day we're talking on teach that packed my sister just gotten in this new laptop. And she was really come to chizik. Dude I just I miss you so much like. Wish you can just hang out might get drunk and Kirk. Like it did drunken cook feed right. Now. I nadir of media. And posted on the Internet it was called body at the time. And then a bunch of strangers. As I Kwon. This is march 2011 nobody has any idea what YouTube is at least an army the people been doing it since 2006 Anthony adding him. I had no idea what he's doing classic 100 thousands of people watching this. And the comic section saying things like this is my new favorite show on YouTube. Like show on you to. But then part of me was Mike what if this is my chance. What if I could work tame. And so couple weeks later posted another video. Couple weeks after a prisoner of India went back and change common aims to let drinking. Onion over the course of a couple weeks. In your your toys yours and I'm also 53 and my hundred pounds it's now I get drunk. As much as I don't want to admit it hit trucker. Really lacked all of those people that thinks they can drink a lot but then it's like after two glasses of wine I'm the person at the dinner party that's like this is the guy hasn't. They're like to just a two glasses of wine and a Mike did. Anyway so posted three videos changed names although he might turn kitchen something so it's like establishing a brand and then at that moment. I did not want to be labeled is. This drunk person so I mean different called bison heart. Because I noticed that so much in the comments section was not about. People thinking drunk people are funny. It was people wanting to spend time together and that was something like. I couldn't be a drop but I expect. So you you diversified and number of ways race how many shows you have now. Meaning you tutors mainly just about posting on ten. At first I want it to. The Catholic flagship staff likened it might her kitchen gadget show called Tuesday which is like an interview series where. You improvise music he's saying. Your answers over royalty free tracks. So somebody asked you question like what to favorite part about summer. In Munich and it's America as you get to abate it in Alec whatever it's much better. It's called to say check it out. And I do that and me a right now YouTube for me has become. Just a place rep posting video content videos Iowa enemy. Any video media so I'm a 45 year old crotchety. Part you know elderly. Human and so I'm not I'm not in. I'm not in the demo for this stuff so give me a sense of like who who are your peers how competitive is it what are the right what are the numbers are aiming for. So the reality is is that YouTube has become a space. You know this breaking news. How well do salacious headlines stay very well very so our headline equivalent has a title that. And so they're people that write stories is they want stories to be told. And there are people that. Want you to know how to lose your bike in thirty days you know I mean. So you just hasn't it's kind of through 2011 to now it's literally evolved from an independent energy index ended independent artistic space to. Instrument news. So on my little humble channel of 2.5 millions averaged a lot. My philosophies I don't stress myself fountain trying to play a game and non interest in winging. Is it just goes content and I still think its interest and the other day. I made a recipe for that red line hot chocolate thing you know as trying to make it try to out it was delicious. I was at a migrant kitchen. This is did it Democrat. My most recent video is literally taste testing different types of Apple's. I saw that yes Thun. So you could clean content due to. Can you make a living doing this is 2.5 million subscribers enough though it make a living. You too bad sense is not a substantial apartment at since the ads that use that you can sell it it's not nor has it ever been substantial funds to Heidi make. Blurt what is the substantial form of income for what you do. Well what I did in 2011 a saying it started telling T shirts and started selling march and every person that bought something from me in those years as first early years later really were they were sustaining me. And you diversify I mean I wanted to be a writer wrote and published a book I've made movies with my friends you take opportunities and you trying capitalize on them. But you need to stay consistent to what your core values our house one. Yeah IE it's it's it's exhausting your working really hard and you have these intense obligations that you want to have which is posting content. Right you in Europe in order to sustain your use of Asiatic keep posting but that's not how you sustain your my livelihood now. So how do you do it what what are the sources of income for you now what he what are your what are the various projects in your you know. The various projects my enemies include a recently partnered with Food Network for my very first TV show which I really excited yes. I'm really meant alienating MacIntel anything about it except that I'm very proud of it and it's the right time. And I'm happy that day ignored and happy that. I waited till we had the right team of people in Paris to go outside I TV Asia everybody wanted my track kitchen BT Asia and biting you wanna do that why would I want to. Because you don't wanna be pegged as the as the because I couldn't get drunk for thirty minutes on a studio set with the spotlight like or. You know if I ever would an Oscar I want to go home. And shooting MDK. For the people that got me and oh what an Oscar and it pays my jacket and okay. You know I want to be able to have that freedom to post and say and do whatever I want television in a lot of ways. You know is. You have to work with the bigger partner. And my turn kitchens just for me and my friends. 2.5 million of them. So Food Network show that I'll mention he's in the best IA you know Ike and so so happy. I'm really excited about it coming out 2017. Keep your Food Network stay stick to it don't cut your court okay your car it's. Stay tubes. It's going to be coming this 2017. And I'm really proud of it and and I'm proud of it and so people don't end up watching it liking it at least it's something I think is. So. Back to what you're saying before that you're kind of in limbo. That spiritually and he spiritual limbo or professional or professionally everything is that the X effort you've lost the wind. You noted that keep you motivated but the good news is that I think. It's a weird. It's like. I guess that I'm walking without weights. And I'm never done that before sums walking I just feel. Weird. You know it's lake. I feel like I have more space in my head. And agonies as time right now because. I really enjoy the work a Q and really tight at the projects that are coming. On the professional level everything is great. I know how to manages things I'm excited to do. In my private time private life I think amenity this time and really go pay attention. To the issues that haven't been able to resolve like Gil in the way to haven't been able to heal. That's kind of my 2017 goal. I think by offering. My confessional my resell my like. Mrs. like let me just get this off my chest. I'd making battle public it now has supported me enough space to go back and take care decade in the Austin. I still am. Dan knows she deserves some she you how to go about doing and Nauman they have associated EM ER what's that India are is like a type of light PT SD recovery therapy. Thing. Assist. Could you go further and meditate and ask you. It's like it as that and on the and where I'll fall apart in Illinois. In I know I walked I guess it's like. I have to believe have to know that I won't say don't have never fallen. I'd never dropped the ball. But I have to say. Now. I mean none that limit I think they just need to trust myself and I would dropping about local. In whole. Or drop in the dollar play. I guess it's like it's it it's an irrational fear. I guess and I worried. Where does something that I forty prove it isn't true which is that. I wouldn't I waited. Abandon. Well I'm like having a revelation right now. I'm worried. That if IA allow myself to process he sings her fullest extent home manifests that. But I'm not that person like I'm worried that all be unfit and be incapable of taking care of the things around me. That while I explain what the logic there why would you manifest and if you because it's kinda like when your kid what version of adult CC didn't and so it's like if you. My version of adulthood was my mom. And so I think in some ways that scare today if I let myself fully processed things I'd. Become my mom which is a rational via the act but that's how. Resurrection you'll that is a big revelation in them. To talk about the sport next week. Anarchist a and then I have some idea like I don't want to do it's like funny because. I'm really a dancer had danced around everything like I can I read it really. I'm really really grateful for marriage commitment there mystery now because. IDC BT which is a very specific. I can live behavior if there yes. Which by the way it works very well with meditate and they often combined MD CT mind on this base. If it does tell me yeah exactly and it works really well because it really is kind of like you can't dance from yourself. And that's I think one of the most beautiful things about meditation. Is that. I've cried during meditation. Just out of no like I'll be sandman and I am men attaining. And Alice and embryonic epidemic. I kind of wish. One of the mistakes I think people make. That meditation is they think it's supposed to you're supposed to be. Com. And that's not the point the point is to feel what ever your feeling clearly so that it doesn't Yankee or yes I does that. Yes I'll I'll I'll take the witness Arafat. And and and so if your crying in there's there's that's you're doing it right. Yet it's it's it's shocking to me almost every single time I meditate and meditate on complains as found Montana teller rooms. Almost every single time I meditate I realize that I have all this lake. You know when you go through the body scanned moments I really is I have all this anxiety in my chest and every time I forget that I carry that back. Like right now newsroom I'm not aware of it. But I was so I close my eyes met they I'm probably pretty sure I'd be feeling and right in the center my chest. And that what I do is I visualize. I visualize that it's like man like a big threaded. The ball. After liked better word like energy and a big threat a ball of energy that's like a specific color. And then in my mind when I'm trying when I'm doing my twenty minutes of like relaxing and a kind of been pulling pulling little threads and money ago. And kind of like unwinding then he now. But not like it. Forcefully your dad just Brett just kind of like just how holding and letting it coming down when I was doing the audiobook. I didn't notice it coming director pointed out when eyes according the audiobook. I was holding myself and this is that they literally had my hands in front of my chest. To keep myself. In that space break it convey the emotion. Without having a cathartic experience. Music I broke down and started crying while reading. And taking that away from the glistening. So it's like you just stay you cover right in that space. He sneered dancer Mir also kind of a bulldozer because you. Had done you've survived and and and you thrived in the midst of third adverse circumstances. And he and of course. Part of the way you've been able to drive that bulldozers by not may be forthrightly facing some of the or man. Big time whose he had me and I'm not I'm not a mental help professional but it all sounds. Like completely justifiable to me. Again look at yes. Yes but you know from the mindful perspective. I'm always looking for reason in value. And I actually think that stems from my religious upbringing. I had this big belief in my life that if you do good things you deserve good things. Like disinfect your dad being it was witnessed yes like that literally life is tit for. Everything is pursuit of perfection action based very value oriented very moralistic. That's probably where the wit came from. You now which was good it was Kennelly too brutal and that this child and and sometimes good things happened for no reason and sometimes bad things happen for no reason. And that is such a hard factor except because it takes away power takes control. You know well maybe the power. Is in accepting it. And. Dinners ladies and gentlemen and I had a much a Mike and tethered. I would drop it and we chatted. I like that I think you should if you if you weren't so busy on higher use my hype person you have been awesome that's I want to do. If people want to learn more about you where where can ago where we're sure we sent but do you wanna learn about me going to be suffering but. Dot com and grab a copy of my but suffering hunter tells of a lightly loaded if you act come along with me on this journey he can timing and YouTube at HA RTO. At Twitter at each year TO hiked out. It's Graham sent Chad their heart out AJ or Tia. Coming out the ticket time anything else they should ask you but didn't. No. Question to you again do you still struggle way it's inertia to meditate. Yes yes that's saving you use the perfect analogy for me at least it's like on the damp. The panda but and I don't want to. Symbols that but I know what it feels like when I don't you know I've had the trifecta I've had depression. Anxiety. And panic. And I was born on third base I didn't have any. Of the issues that you my pair tied to letting cop is meant to parents. And I've had all these things and so I notified on exercise and meditate. My life can be harder so I just do it. So hard even when you know it via. My sister says it's like brushing your teeth it's like yet you can get in the morning sometimes we NN union that kind of gross yes. Absolutely and it's mental floss fresher mental floss both of them both of those things you know firms. Both for me both of them are really important and I I just think it's like. You gotta find a pain point four. It even kind of brings us back toward timeout before but what is it and my fascination with what is it prevents people from doing this thing or is a friend a new friend of mine from. Who is in charge of getting people at Google to meditate is like we know the medicine works we just can't K compliance. And it was a war are that there are I think the whole constellation of factors but this sort of inertia that we're discussing now is a huge when and I think it's about. You have to see enough. The pain of not doing it you know by if I go without exercising or and or meditating for a couple days. Mino like the voice in my head is just much meaner and now I'm less happy and I just after repeatedly have my face rubbed in the poof like a puppy and at and that's what gets me back on the man I'm wagon. I also wonder the question of agency witches. To meditate or exercise. Daily but to meditate daily use to admit how much control you have Beaufort in how much response. How much you're responsible for in your own. Happiness while being. Absolutely I I think mean this is one of my primary arguments is one of the things gotten the most interest in the subject is that. No happiness is not contingent upon and the he's not necessarily entirely contingent upon. That that brute fact of her life like that clog your child that are merit drawer or word romantic life for your work life. Those things are important but when it comes down to it happiness is a scale. And you can do you can train it just lead entering your body and that's huge that's like a major headlines violent. Diverted my whole career to focus on this. Because I think that's a huge singular but you're right it's his kind of a tough thing to face too because if you're unhappy that certain amount of responsibility in that we have to deal that isn't to say however that we should be blaming the victim if you got depression or the circumstances if electorally are. I object any objective measure or by your own internal. Feelings about them bad though or difficult. That you we don't listening to blame the victim but it that does. You do Catholic up to this certain amount of agency we all do that. I think that at hearing a certain tax bracket you have a moral responsibility to society to go to therapy and start meditating so you don't take out your daddy issues. All over. And are political system. Says the guys sort of the. Mental health trickle down at it really should be also take people of money at power. Have you to have power you better be accountable. And like he better spiritually progress he can't just move out one form of the food chain. You know. Of the Los Angeles there's a lot of rich sad. Angry people. Who test insists occasion Arctic and Hans. Andy Ram and a pure delight thank you very much for coming back panel that is really nice to meet you really nice to you too thanks so much.

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