Addiction in a time of coronavirus

Addiction specialist and creator of the Beacon Program in New York, Molly Carmel joins us to discuss the struggles those with serious addictions are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
4:19 | 03/26/20

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Transcript for Addiction in a time of coronavirus
Well it is such a stressful time for all of us in so many of us are struggling but for those with serious addictions alcohol drugs food. Times of crisis in isolation are even more dangerous in here to talk with us about this is addiction specialist and creator of the beacon program here in New York. Molly car while thank you so much for being with us Molly and as an addiction specialist. It tell us what is going on what you're seeing during this time of quarantine. It's time that we ought to eat. Feeling different and we're feeling great white to be feeling good to be feeling not we might be feeling hot eight. So it's you need to dictate the heat pierce for people who struggle. Who struggle with that these are very familiar parents. Backing the easy to go back you alcohol drugs overeating gambling shopping sex you met. Right and then this is also another caveat because those who are in recovery who were used to attending those regular meetings with support groups face to face. That's gone now so what can they do what options are there for them. What actually an incredible. Incredible very beautiful thing that happens those communities specifically calls that community cal tech. Tremendous way it's nearly the entire community at least a New York City. Is are resume. Go business as usual life so for those who are struggling Jack Carroll I would suggest to goats you'd be your group home each and yet the community is. And you'll see that there are eating out there online it's but it it'll do. L and giving yet know it's better than nothing certainly so what are your tips for those were at home struggling UC the first thing you should do is be flexible. Absolutely out that there has all like here click it doesn't feel the same work out stop it saint Eric. The truth is it's not the same but. These days we have to say that something is better than not so getting our heads wrapped around and be new this. I don't wait for me this new life OK and reasonable for us at the next when you say and get off your devices. Oh yeah I mean talk about how he's currently 880 making those can be I'm not want they should be. That I'll let. Finding a middle path between. Your screw laying here in per cent in the Burris is where it turns you in here who. And tourist visa backed up until use of torture by middle pack. Your screen is that your is dirty it right you want to be connected but you don't want it to sometime be disruptive so you also say yeah. Get a get a planned. I salute the that this is. One of the more comments suggestions right now she got. I think that you know certainty they did it shouldn't be too high sketch while Adams I think Aaron and people are over looking so Scott Tar Heels sat march shower I actually think scheduling ark actually the opposite prediction it. It is connection and sleet snow quickly our minds can become a really dangerous neighborhood so I'm actually saying she. Schedule reaching out to reach people early today now and by the way helps other people to Allen and getting phone call up and so think about myself so. That no I think that's a great great advice in the next one you say is to be mindful. I mean this thing like we have a little bit of spare tiny be not all parents out parent but. You know. But a medication and mine on since it's up I don't logically beast intervention actually. Helps us to manager. Dan Harris was he Smart so. What a wonderful time to kick up a pact to send not necessarily sitting quietly but getting focused for so many ways. That we can be managing our anxiety. Working on art arrow how we you and don't be cleaned. Certainly not an 88 record winter months ago but we can be doing better that we're doing it even better armor feelings certainly. Somewhat of a spot where rumor and that power within Malik formal thanks so much for joining us this afternoon. The Tokyo.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Addiction specialist and creator of the Beacon Program in New York, Molly Carmel joins us to discuss the struggles those with serious addictions are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69819224","title":"Addiction in a time of coronavirus","url":"/Health/video/addiction-time-coronavirus-69819224"}