Africa CDC head: ‘Cooperation and collaboration’ key to Africa’s COVID success

Dr. John Nkengasong, director of Africa’s CDC, discusses how coordination and early, aggressive lockdown measures helped African countries contain the coronavirus.
8:17 | 10/06/20

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Transcript for Africa CDC head: ‘Cooperation and collaboration’ key to Africa’s COVID success
Come in nineteen fight in Africa and a pandemic response that's been widely praise on the continent of one point three billion people. The countries of the African Union together report one and a half million Kobe cases in closer 37000. Kobe related deaths. Which means and that per capita of these nations appear to be faring. Much better. Then the United States and tonight we bring in the man who's leading Africa's pandemic response doctor John Kennesaw director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He's also the World Health Organization special envoy for Africa on cove in nineteen and winner of the gates Foundation's 20/20 goal keeper award. Thank you so much for joining us doctor. Thank here it's a pleasure to street grid near. Or the early days of this pandemic some initially projected that a shortage of first responders and equipment. Would cost Kobe nineteenth just to ravage that continent of Africa and that the effects could be catastrophic. Describe for us the early days in February the meetings with African country's leaders and the calls to action. After seeing big cuts us news and is subject and indeed we are genuine. Because when Reese Woodward's written uninsured and we knew or knew existed. And it currency and rust shaken. I'm a similar reasons it has Terrence Wheatley and rejoin us appreciate it workers metal. We did was seen were read the least of which in Portland and into all right Mr. President didn't. An issue and it isn't that have been mentioned we've reported indeed Jim on February were near Barrett sewage orchard. And one written on introducing them to Africa series either through their can be in the region. Well let me just doesn't that was Jim credited. Or chairperson of the African Union commission chairperson most plucking. And what's important it's because. Most of you borders and bridge and investment and go out to prepare. We agreed they'd YouTube took corporation. Collaboration and coordination or worked in order to Windham but drew against Rick mentions are groups and he. Pressure illegal isn't it trip or one should critical incident rare extremely bugaboo. And I know you've said that that leadership in countries like Zimbabwe called Coleman nineteen an existential threat before they even had a single case. As you watch America struggle with coated with more deaths than any other country. What do you see as the biggest difference between our response and many of the African nations. After listening there and I'm sure they're sort of respond under constant and because. It doesn't mean she wrote moderate religious mean so ordinary African Union mission let it precedence among Kozyrev. In these are positive that scenario project junior and I didn't get very important and rewarding bringing. It to get. To what we're guessing he secured the ninjas started zipping that is extremely important this should. Work permit will measure. Each tube and apparently written permission of the economy contributed. To ensure that used the dreaded disease who was there. And so many countries that's indeed yeah. Went into mr. bell and measures are very young pianist ribbon a Christian managers and their challengers because no British significant black. Under numbers. This jury Gomez and billions in missing. And then give mr. Schwartz and we didn't win we didn't miss it we study using must. As a continent usually VW featuring admitted Monday extreme. Injured Doug and we know I'm just didn't remember mission that we had some newsroom Wednesday. A new commission that Reunion Arena short bishop says he'd written. We radiated that we around adequately what's lawsuit ready Boortz and sucking Dick recorded message and your local community and and you're there you go out during a slight against Gordon and our last meeting is remembered only needs and they didn't written instructions in your community you do we need to music corporation. Community collaboration in order to ring despite announcing that's what got rendering. Africa also happens to have the youngest population of any region on earth with a median age around nineteen years old. Do you think they use on the continent of Africa has been significant in Africa's relatively low fatality rate from -- nineteen. Things are written understood this and dividends we future and it electrodes on numbers which are to be we've written earlier. We are fortunate lumbered in media and JC's. This one went to meet you and kisses every. It didn't. Ask you stick that under constant in his own engineers bids were ordered three years and in Europe and we know a district judge you abused by certain directions and being eased. I would just Marisa being. Does a leader who are. You know American leadership here has often said that we have. More cases because we have. More testing here how confident are you that you're actually getting reliable data on Kobe cases and deaths throughout the continent of Africa. Particularly where testing capacity might be limited. Cinco rusty was Charlie and spirit barely on in there are big injection better or punditry and osu and remember the reality due to an impression not being. And by 83. Leave June. A student must renew prudent as we speak engineer Dick and enough this dead and I brought you two million people and I used a significant degree is now. Are we missing student loan costs in recent cases ordered an indecent about it is that this Britain in vetted for us you know. Middle culture on some soon to go on to its GeMS. But it did and didn't hear a lot of volume two deaths and you Douglas company would vehicle needs. I'm giving Jr. lived and what sort of on demand is what we're countries wouldn't admit it gays nor dividends last year dad's. I think what I am I'm I'm hearing the constant theme in what your saying is that you largely have been successful in Africa because. The leadership acted early and took a virus seriously. At this point where we are in the United States what lessons do you think that we might be able to learn from Africa's response of the pandemic particularly in this moment. As we're continuing to see Kobe case is surging here on this country. It believes true experience. Which is cheerleader thing I want to bring here to our. Vietnam yet other drew would mean each. Truly don't know we're excited to abuse matters are rude group BS Sheen. We are pleased we received. They rush and millions and so did Dave they are the cause and councils in the increasing number of new JC's. Over the last twelve weeks Ingraham at least not a political blog you listen don't. We need true and and a stunt amused when they meet me is that these new order and when they bring to in. Your question in an uncoordinated just did nothing that is extremely important. This isn't reading your curb lending curbs on the content and he's needed in jeez man Arabic community. Since it Richie and it culminates humored odors Jong. Managing condition in what order coral society groups who becomes an integral to engine fight it matters are in. We shouldn't be doing it according to negotiate good corporate leaders Sheba and his reasons and many leader. A team that is extremely Aaron knew the word you're acting. And seeing your. I understand. The impact on the economy is because. It rigged these matters. Who did you think it matters to be sure to grow. An economy news importance you know who has been captured and I'm reaching. Well how soon do you want your it is an easier go 200 immune. Says what you hundred G Gordon invites you get letters and insurer and routers and his predictions and recording he's there on Monday economy. Such helpful information and perspective doctor John Kennesaw thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. Richard you.

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{"duration":"8:17","description":"Dr. John Nkengasong, director of Africa’s CDC, discusses how coordination and early, aggressive lockdown measures helped African countries contain the coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73443764","title":"Africa CDC head: ‘Cooperation and collaboration’ key to Africa’s COVID success","url":"/Health/video/africa-cdc-head-cooperation-collaboration-key-africas-covid-73443764"}