Inside an Airport Quarantine Station

ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser goes inside the CDC Quarantine Station at Newark Airport in New Jersey.
2:24 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Inside an Airport Quarantine Station
I'm here Newark Airport which has one of the twenty quarantine stations in America their job is to be the first line of defense against deadly infectious diseases. This unassuming office here is the first place they would take some of them that -- word about they bring them in here ready -- here -- to his bed close the doors and put them in isolation. Here there's no passenger when he -- We'll go meet -- flight we'll go inside. The issue are accompanied with our partners so customs aboard -- Port Authority EMS one of a -- as we respond. Once flight is -- Well actually Antonov plane we'll go to the passenger remove the passenger and trying to isolate them away from the other passengers while into the evaluation took. How do you remove a passenger from a plane without you getting sick and every -- said -- -- what -- the passenger. And anyone -- but he's traveling whether he or she is traveling and we'll take them outside. Area into a separate location. So someone traveling here who say he and many people think that they could just fly get here and -- and head off into the city. Where the points within -- he picked up they can get picked up -- that there -- by being identified on the plane they also can be identified once they. The part the -- -- And and where when they depart the plan. Allow the thing about they Customs and Border Protection officers they may identify someone that's what can give us a cop so when you're coming through and showing your passport. They're not just seeing if you're allowed in the country. That's -- they are trained to identify different symptoms of infectious diseases and they notes Collison to isolate that person let us you know -- -- public health evaluation. When the CDC quarantine -- is called -- an airplane because someone sick they come prepared let me show you what's inside a response back it's loaded with all kinds of things. They've got different -- masks -- so that they'll have one that will fit into any type of responder. It's -- heal properly the germs can get it it got and I'm asking case it's a disease we're splashes of -- of concern. And then -- got a whole variety of different types of the -- This one here this is an incredibly cool it -- your temperature without even touch -- -- it's an infrared thermometer. In the end here it. This is the kit in case they have to do CPR. And then because will sometimes be evaluating patients on the on the tarmac they've got your protection is well. They you know that -- they're prepared if someone sick they'll -- them off the plane. Get them isolated and keep everybody's.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser goes inside the CDC Quarantine Station at Newark Airport in New Jersey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"24799708","title":"Inside an Airport Quarantine Station","url":"/Health/video/airport-quarantine-station-works-24799708"}