American Doctor Working in Liberia Tests Positive for Ebola

It is unclear how the ELWA Hospital staff member, who was treating pregnant woman, contracted the virus.
9:31 | 09/02/14

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Transcript for American Doctor Working in Liberia Tests Positive for Ebola
-- I want take a few moments to speak directly to you the people of West Africa. Especially in Liberia Sierra Leone Guinea and Niger. -- may have the American people I want you to know that our prayers are with those of you who have lost loved ones during this terrible outbreak of people. It's why if you feel sick with a high fever. You should get help right away. Because with prompt treatment in a medical center nearly half of patients can recover. And -- why when burying someone who has died from this terrible disease. It's important to not directly touched her body. You can respect to our traditions and honor your loved ones without risking the lives of the -- In this -- and work in and building a stronger and more prosperous Africa. You'll continue to have a partner in me. And in the United States. -- America President Obama speaking about a bullet directly to the people of West Africa of this video released just hours ago by the State Department. And a day after the head of the Centers for Disease Control returned home from the region. Declaring the outbreak quote worse than I -- we're joined now late via Skype from Charlotte by ABC news chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- Doctor -- thanks for joining us word today of course from. As science and USA don't want their missionary doctors has tested positive for Ebola. They say it's he is isolated and doing well but are you concerned that as an American group is seen another one of its workers contract this disease. Well you know what really concerns me about this its workers with that he he is he was not -- here a little patience he was working in maternity ward to care women. Who necessities that -- can be very few potholes -- recognized. When someone is infected with a total. And when something comes in for labor. You -- he had this if you're taking care and it's a situation where you are exclusive body fluids and so I want. What does it -- to other groups that are working in these countries other non -- international organizations. Who are. Directly on and on -- here are working in situations where they're coming in contact with patients it's very -- We heard from doctor Tom Frieden says that there's a window of opportunity still what's the big difference between the drug that is set to begin testing this week -- -- one given. To the two of infected American aid workers both of whom have now recovered. You're -- doctor Frieden talks. Opportunity. It is EE. He was very powerful -- using those words I interviewed him in Liberia right after he had visited one of the Ebola treatment -- and had gone in there. And what they're seeing in Liberia is it. An accidental rise in the number of cases 40% of all cases -- just past three weeks. It has been going on her. He finds an extra hour or two it is -- -- world it's just West African problem it use it as a global problem that it has a role in terms of the that are that are are being -- The restated to come -- -- -- -- who -- it was used to -- -- American missionaries as well. -- -- Three African doctors. Spanish station a -- drug data that's coming. Look -- -- trials he's very very occurs. But as a trophy was saying in his needed in his press conference the ability to ramp up and make a lot of that -- Is is is not Gregory is hard to make it takes a long time to make who -- Things he stressed that I saw during my time period he's he -- his campaign. Can't recover from this disease without that drug won the keys to recovery is early treatment -- -- -- -- making sure that patients are getting adequate nutrition in. -- armed medical personnel there aren't that and facilities to make sure that all patients who need treatment can be can get that. And so that is obviously one of the urgent care and the urgent resources that are needed when it comes to the parallel track of those drugs and the that time -- what kind of timeframe is there on. These kinds of trials. Well no it -- willingly get a because you just think about flu vaccine now that's manufactured. And an end during -- pandemic 2009. It took six. Once again asking them to to CL sort of vaccine this is that's been -- who. Work it you have to go through trials and new -- redemptive. Have to go through. So you know that's giving it time -- but I don't be surprised if the vaccine I was out of what's wrong. Files. Or six months I don't know if you've ever imagined pollutants what we discussed in the backseat it could be -- to health care workers to grow and to protect. As the going to be sentenced for right here. You know we've heard that this is that this needs a global response the CDC let's talk about what the US is doing what concrete steps. That agency taken that vacant and now help and aid doctors and officials in West Africa Africa. I talk today -- national disaster relief. -- -- -- the the Doctors Without Borders it -- -- well. And he talked about you. The enormous amount protected years that the US is sending over that's a critical part of us who -- eight month period that nurses and one. On strike because they didn't have any protective equipment and it just wasn't safe for them to go hand and end Medicare patients so providing protecting. It is is part of the equation. The other part is is there were this easy -- they have more than sixty people -- in this regard. Countries David -- technical support to try and indexes this -- to capture cases one of the concerns is that while. Oh we do we get -- -- that weekly numbers from the WH. And they're counting the number of cases because there's areas where there just isn't -- Co. yet and -- -- portrait is now racist and no we hear cases are. Our actors now. Especially you can -- includes those. Members. Eight years he took what area you can look to see what the gate trying to end and -- -- improvement. Here is we're going up kindred director resources he -- Danish side they're helping train workers -- People to -- workers. On mobilizing communities. Around -- practices around infection control. I talked to because -- -- -- worker who is that your work is in Monrovia Liberia. When I left and when he was doing was shocked. Mixes the screening. He's the divisional quarantined with -- he sees and he surely. To do if they if they recognize -- -- and set your screen at a separate -- those -- very. Port just in terms of -- seeing people -- the current and spread disease. It also will help improve confidence that -- student -- -- And -- the country's all the arms treaty for -- it's easy place to plot and few isolated by the securities acts that cave you're experiencing is that they asked important what their who closed their doors again. Hunters of the problem. Of people. And of course you spoke with doctor -- we've heard that there is needed for global response you -- on the ground there give us an idea what other countries. Have you seen there that are helping out here of course there's Doctors Without Borders but what other presidents have you seen. Well the trustees that is opposite without works and -- nets organization people around. The globe and I can't tell Powell. And us with the work they do in the courts want reached this fullest possible. In Monrovia and it should you. We're happy can't. Design problem for a -- and a word. -- poll like this. Cholera -- Saturday. And need any well. -- the act and model and it being a one. -- go. -- -- -- -- Does it -- -- workers or when are gonna get access to -- -- -- that so. Import once you have health care workers getting infected in -- -- Recruit people communities. Important work. ABC news chief health and medical records editor doctor Richard bats -- thank you and of course you can keep up with this story by downloading the news -- ABC news -- star and the story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25221158,"title":"American Doctor Working in Liberia Tests Positive for Ebola","duration":"9:31","description":"It is unclear how the ELWA Hospital staff member, who was treating pregnant woman, contracted the virus.","url":"/Health/video/american-doctor-working-liberia-tests-positive-ebola-25221158","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}