Baby's Skull Cut, Reshaped for 'Normal Life'

Six-month-old Ryan Burke's skull was growing lopsided until Texas surgeons intervened.
1:17 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for Baby's Skull Cut, Reshaped for 'Normal Life'
One -- -- you have to forgive six month old Ryan he's the top ten days. You'd never know that his little skull was cut in half and rebuilt like a puzzle. I got terrified as soon as he said -- -- and you know obviously Brian was three months old at the time and to think anybody he. Doing anything says it him especially has had -- care. -- -- his skill was growing lopsided because an opening in the skull that allows the brain to grow had close too soon. Bring just grows wherever there's an opening general push the other bones that are not -- fused so. -- -- looks more lopsided you can see in his face even a little bit in this kind of strain of poll of one. After the surgery you can -- -- -- doctor Sandberg cut his skull from your ear and made the phone symmetrical again. I expect this -- to have a normal life and you know he'll have a scar on his head which -- Be covered by hair. Doctors don't know why this happens. But the family who -- Oklahoma City is glad they had the surgery in Houston and we were willing to go anywhere to get the best for hand Ryan will have to Wear a helmet for -- But they say the hard part is over. Christy Myers thirteen health check.

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{"id":19427404,"title":"Baby's Skull Cut, Reshaped for 'Normal Life'","duration":"1:17","description":"Six-month-old Ryan Burke's skull was growing lopsided until Texas surgeons intervened.","url":"/Health/video/babys-skull-cut-reshaped-for-normal-life-19427404","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}