Bad posture when using phones can create skull horns

A new study suggests that overusing smartphones can allow bone spurs to form at the connection between neck and head.
4:24 | 06/21/19

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Transcript for Bad posture when using phones can create skull horns
How long have you been on your phone today better yet how long have you been on your phone this week with your head tilted down scrolling. I don't a lot of people talk about the dangers of screen time for your eyes. And your mental health but get this apparently our phones are also affecting outer bounds that I want to bring in doctor Heidi it's joy. From mount Sinai here in the rehabilitation. Medicine and I want to help us understand these next birds as they call them what is this what's happening to our bodies. Think you so much for having me here. And I specialty. Our main goal and focus is to help my patients improve their function and their quality of life so this is very Yang you tell us. So. Went. Silent the question. There's in the next birds that everyone's talking about that we're getting from looking other phones how do we even know that this is dare who found this out. So it this. There's been a lot of attention on this news. And the study based in Australia so this is a recent study they study 12100 people. And they found at 33%. Of adults had phones there is. So I guess most people Kelly I don't know what these Oscars are as different types of phones there is some hot and where bone meats and these are club joins. And the want that that's that they study is wearing the muscles attached to the bond. So I brought a monolith may have and I'm mine and I modeled he has sailed if you can see these and that phones and this is the back of the skull. And where they looked at the phones phase was aware of the muscles attached right here and this is where they found spurs are says they is about an inch wow that's and that's where we're leg bending we're actually bending their heads down for hours at a time right and what me and heads that. Detracts from the norm all. The from the normal anatomy of and that delay may have built so hold their bodies it's street re reconnaissance neutral position. So when we're bending over like this hunched over it there's a lot of stress that there's a lot of times on the neck it creates a lot of headaches neck pain. Over time chronically over years. Can have this abnormal funny development. And this is what they're saying yes so how do you know that you should get checked for this is it because you start feeling a lot of pain and then you go in and they. Tell you that's what you have mercy we just all assume that we have these bars. Not everybody has used various what's important to know is that sometimes can have these very is. With a better famine imaging like X rays or cat scans and sometimes these people don't even have any symptoms the night that have pain. Other times he had a lot of pain and you get an image in the next fan there's nothing there. So it really did patents and it's really important for Yates which if you have a lot of pain. Then you see your physician and it's. Together with your symptoms and with the imaging or come up with a right diagnosis further rate treatment yes and if you don't have pain don't worry about these monsters. I mean the treatment sort of sound like you and put your phone down a little bit more right exactly and that helped he had I think one of the most important things of these. What most of my things as that. They kind of bring attention to this you know a lot of people young people and I Smartphones all day. And this is an unnatural position like eyes sad. And I think that it's really great that they're bringing attention to this. Because now that we know all this this unnatural behavior is that actually causing Bologna changes in the spine as well. And on and on his skulls so I think it's very impart what we can do its make sure that this doesn't impact us down the line. Is I think it's very imprint protected with yourself we gotta check in check in August. I I'm guilty of this myself when I'm on the computer on the I say do this and I forget and then I'm like well. Got to remember ever remember you gotta remember battery Natalie industry in up. And doing his brief little little check tens you know where you focus on your breathing your posture. It can indeed he stressed over here today we'll hiding something. Heidi does this kind of is alarming but I'm glad to know that it doesn't sound super serious but. I appreciate you coming guys pay attention this this this drives it home. Thanks for being with and about having him yes.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"A new study suggests that overusing smartphones can allow bone spurs to form at the connection between neck and head. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"63865973","title":"Bad posture when using phones can create skull horns ","url":"/Health/video/bad-posture-phones-create-skull-horns-63865973"}