The Battle Against the Deadly 'Superbug'

New cases of CRE have hospitals stepping up how the clean medical devices.
1:56 | 02/22/15

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Transcript for The Battle Against the Deadly 'Superbug'
And next to the battle against superbugs. Hospitals stepping up and telling how they clean medical devices after two people died in California. Is that enough to stop the bug that kills 23,000 Americans every year? Here's ABC's aditi Roy. Reporter: Tonight three new cases of a superbug confirmed in North Carolina. Officials with Carolinas health system saying two of the patients came to this Charlotte area hospital already infected with the antibiotic resistant bug call cre. Another patient was infected somewhere in the hospital, it's unclear how. Antibiotic resistant superbugs can spread by contaminated equipment or simple human contact, even doctor's ties or hospital surfaces like walls or beds. Which is why hospitals across the country are trying new ways to fight an invisible enemy. Like using robots sterilizing a room with a uv light. The latest cases follow a cre outbreak at ucla's medical center this week after officials say the superbug spread by endoscopes contaminated from past procedures. Officials at the North Carolina hospital say all of their endoscopes tested negative for cre. Every here 500,000 Americans get procedures using scopes. Their intricate parts can make them hard to clean. Ucla is now stepping up its sanitzation process going beyond standard guidelines. At the university of Pittsburgh they sterilize the devices for 18 hours, using a special gas. The fda says it's studying solutions, but some argue that's not enough. So we need better regulation, we need more education and we need better drugs to fight these resistant bacteria. Here at ucla officials said they sent out 179 letters to patients who were exposed to the superbug and now it's just a waiting game. A waiting game indeed.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"New cases of CRE have hospitals stepping up how the clean medical devices.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"29133394","title":"The Battle Against the Deadly 'Superbug' ","url":"/Health/video/battle-deadly-superbug-29133394"}