Biden expected to announce deal to donate 500 million Pfizer vaccine doses to COVAX

The deal comes as President Joe Biden makes his first official trip as president to Europe to reaffirm relationships with key allies.
9:59 | 06/09/21

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Transcript for Biden expected to announce deal to donate 500 million Pfizer vaccine doses to COVAX
President Biden embarking on his first official international trip to Europe. He's expected to make a case that America is back and try to mend frayed relationships with key allies. Biden's also expected to confront Russian president Vladimir Putin over cyber attacks election interference and human rights violations. But also look for areas where the two countries can work together. That's being congressional correspondent Rachel Scott was following president along with ABC news political director Rick Klein and foreign correspondent Maggie really. Who's in London for us thank you all for being here Rachel what Biden's agenda there. And what is he trying to accomplish. Cool white house Press Secretary Jen Saki says this is the moment that president Biden has been waiting for and preparing for. Freely did the year is that she knows that he knows a lot of these leaders personally that he's ready for this moment and no mistake about it this is going to be a very clear break. From former president Donald Trump and his America first policies Biden is going to push this message. That America is back the focus here is on renewing our relationships with our allies president Biden's going to try and drive that home. He believes that this is a moment where democracy is at stake he says this is a trip proving that democracy can work. Chase and Rachel Maxine diplomacy is a big part of Biden's efforts to try to restore relationships with allies. A source confirms to ABC news that the White House has made a deal to buy 500 million doses. The five's a vaccine to be donated. To countries in need so what do we know right now about that deal in the timing. This is to be a pretty big announcement that the president has chosen to make here using his foreign trip as an. Dropped to drive home one of these initiatives listen the president has been under immense pressure to do more. To address some of the disparities that we're seeing across the world with vaccinations a lot of countries are still struggling to reaches less than 500 million is a lot but it still is far short of these eleven billion. That the dot the World Health Organization estimates that the world needs in order to be vaccinated. But the president is using this as a backdrop to and -- that announcement. And Maggie in the relationship between the United States and Great Britain. Called the special relationship I guess after the war of 1812 and revolution award things like that were very very close allies obviously. But there has been this disruption. With president trumps. Sort of scrambling and a chess board so how are people in the UK responding. To Joseph Biden's first visit there. Okay Terry a mention a special relationship that's really where the focus is and his enthusiasm. For a change in sort of a reconfiguration of the special relationship in buyer have promised just that recently released a statement. Calling out again those two words a special relationship in. Thank you remember Terry prime minister Boris Johnson was one of the first world leaders the Biden chose to call when he became president so clearly. It is important to president finance and pour into other world leaders but. It is not going to be easy he's being put to the test. And this is the first time all his world leaders are coming together in meeting sense that UK officially left the PGM so finding could find himself sort of caught in the middle trying to stand with allies in the UK that special relationship but also. Having debt has some really tough conversations with leaders in the EU as well so there is some strain to Terry mostly enthusiasm and actually. I want to thank look towards the royal family for how much enthusiasm there is one president Chung visited last time he was greeted by the queen as she does nearly every president but. Not anyone else in the royal family this time around both Prince Charles and Prince William will also be with the queen to greet president Biden so clearly. A lot of enthusiasm and energy here right now Terry. Rick Porter is this ship from buy at any given that former president truck had a pretty close relationship with Boris Johnson. Yeah what's so interesting Diane is that though the White House says that the did it and the president for fifty years preparing for this moment he has met so many of these world leaders while one he is not bad. Is Boris Johnson and media only world leader that the president trump came into office with more relationship with India and Joseph Biden and yes. I'll trump and Boris Johnson got each other at a certain level they didn't meet jokes about there's been shared appearance. At times are meant of course that the price it issue was something that's had a lot of trump isn't. Infuse it it. But the fact is for Boris Johnson County deemed it a relationship a strong relationship with the US president is critical every British prime minister recognizes that at some level and there's a lot of shared interest when it comes to. Issues that top president trump was not inclined to help the world community with of course you remember those G-7 meetings were there were no can joint findings because of those disagreements you'd expect a lot more deliverables actionable out of this including on climate change is a big priority for both prime minister Johnson and president Biden. And and Rachel the high stakes meeting on this trip that face to face encounter. Joseph Biden and Vladimir Putin what are you hearing about how the president is gonna press to have meetings. All eyes are on this meeting is going to be at the tail end of this trip. Sources familiar with the discussions inside of the White House tell us that right now they're really to cancer is one group of trusted advisors Eric. Chris presidential really be tougher with the Russian there's another group beds and didn't even think Evelyn but more moderate. Approach president Joseph Biden has said himself that he wants as stable and predictable. Relationship. With Russian president who in but. Means to be seen on what exactly that looks like look we know that he is imposed. More sanctions on Russia than any other country so far right now in this comes at a time. We're still looking into many of these cyber hacks including solar winds. Which the US intelligence found that Russia was behind it took months for that to be detected and so this is going to be a very frank conversation we know that president Biden is going to be. Top on his stands here but it's clear really what the pathways for all eyes are on that meeting at the till into the trip right in Geneva. And Rick I didn't have to walk a fine line when he meets with Vladimir Putin he wants a so showed strength. To Russia but also try not to escalate an already tense relationship so what does he need to do there. Yeah one big thing is he's just keep the optics of the meeting the some White House advisors thought it was a bad idea to have this 11 with prudent. But he wanted to do it. I he intends to do it we remember some of the very bad optics for president trouble when they too when these two leaders appeared together and it appeared that up president proposes taking Gordon's work for. When it comes to what he had said about attempted hacks of that the previous election. Now there are other pacts that are top line backpacks on the US infrastructure things impact the way of life when it comes to fuel when it comes to meet when it comes to energy and transportation. Those are issues that we know that though the Biden administration is is blaming Russia solve global for not directly the Russian government or Vladimir Putin. But saying that governments have to be responsible for actors inside their borders of being tough on that issue is it BP said it. Very curious to see how long the beatings go all what is said afterward knowing that it wouldn't is likely to exploit anything he can out of the optics of getting a meeting like this with president Biden the vice inside aware of it is well aware of the fraud. A relationship that that trauma began with them with food and surrounding. Correcting for that and also making a major state and it is this whole series of meetings one of the big themes of the next. A week or so is the strength of democracy against all comers including China and rush. First and foremost. And Maggie then this stakes around this prudent Biden meeting for us hold some of us olds it hasn't. A weapon then what would the Cold War right the Kremlin in Moscow with Europe in the middle. So how are the people of Europe really reacting to this. And counter between Vladimir Putin who is really just made himself of such an important force in the world a force for for bad to worse for many people. And Joseph Biden. They exactly terra as Rick and a racial just said this is a statement this in the meeting that everyone is watching because. President Biden's I was sending a message to divine or proven and on sending a message to Americans he's sending a message to every foreign leader around the world like that right now he's telling him exactly what kind of president he is going to be believed he wouldn't topple any moderate. How will he keep his promise a stand with allies in stand against truly lean back line of communication open with Russia and these are all. High stakes but delicate foreign diplomacy issue's and yes to do all of this guys with the entire world watching and judging. Coming at the end this meeting could color the entire trip and we'll be that lasting legacy he leaves around the world right now. And regional you nearly didn't make it to the UK today this is a big story of the day that we want to hear about because. We're the press plane was delayed by sic K just what happened there. Yeah I can I tell you that do you think Qaeda and the odd beds and there are people that happened. At that point underwent cat that was running behind me I thought that there were like one that I brought with me on this trip. You gotta write we were expected to take we are already ago you have the press all on this charter plane that looked to be getting here right had a president invited. And we did the announcement that the teen is not going to be an arrest. Because so all the guy is I the engine and so they had to get us a whole plane. All in all the triple is delayed several hours because of the cicadas. Listen we made it here fine but I mean what a DC Washington story right I mean I could literally not imagine. Any of this happening but we're here never the last and despite some of the opposition from the cicadas. As does being here and get on this important trip. Think Kate and everywhere we didn't sell one there on the president's neck left. That's outrageous I'm very glad to be a wave from the cicadas are a bit Rick Klein re just got Maggie really thank you well.

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