Born in Silence

Parents and friends never know what to say in a stillbirth.
4:52 | 11/26/13

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Transcript for Born in Silence
Feelings never completely go away -- -- on experience happened just yesterday. Remember one of the worst moments was announced meetings every month maternity floor after -- hammering and hammering. Hearing the cries of you -- babies I hit just last month congress are praying couldn't wait to get out of here. Within a matter of hours -- went from being ecstatically happy. Awaiting the arrival of a new baby yet and -- from months. An overwhelming sense and Tina's. -- I would say we were. Here shock coming home. No -- rendering in reality of thinking wow. This is. -- believable that -- walking into our house. The town of -- We work you can really. We weren't really admitting -- -- and -- it's -- I didn't want to remember when he was winning his first morning's -- It's beautiful. Lot of pain. -- was -- Ring couldn't understand why that happened to me. And if that happens and it is as common as everyone says that it is -- Why don't they tell you down and looks you second guess everything you did burn and he didn't do. And you know wandering in. You should just push harder when you felt lousy thing -- 37 to be delivered soon -- Let you know us. Anything you know who should just don't matter different -- why didn't I now own. What I remember distinctly silencing meanwhile and maybe this was God's way of protecting you from something that would have happened to her. When she got an older -- which I thought it was just ludicrous. People saying really. You know it's sad it's just crazy things Ramos -- have -- you can have another baby that was like snow. Ripped through intermediaries in the united I don't want another Canadian I'm Canadian and I didn't happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Held her very close leaves turn friends' fathers -- me -- minister -- hanging out placed her in the hospital announced we had a. Few friends that -- -- even though we told every don't. And that was -- playing and having it done we -- don't kind. -- in like a lot of decisions we're making a difference in what don't we wanted but it. And us. We get ourselves and how many children can. I'm not afraid to mention. Two speaks people somewhat comparable. And it's going to have a turnaround and their mom -- -- tennis. You know they don't wanna hear about my -- -- -- He really. Often want to change the subject I mentioned that I academy it's time. Picking the worst thing that so lenient and it happened to him is that. We don't talk about and we don't. -- -- -- -- may and we always like my son and my niece and nephew. Manager looks just like Kansas kids and number. You know he is a -- Meaningful thing kind of -- in in the words. Was tremendously. Still to this day my -- loved to tell me more nice. I'm very happy to be his mom and I just. Don't get enough chances to. And that is how we -- you. His life. It was a good thing in this room.

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{"id":21020538,"title":"Born in Silence","duration":"4:52","description":"Parents and friends never know what to say in a stillbirth.","url":"/Health/video/born-silence-21020538","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}