Bridging the gap for Spanish-speaking communities during the coronavirus pandemic

Dr. Patricia Tellez-Giron on her efforts to combat COVID-19.
3:06 | 04/08/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bridging the gap for Spanish-speaking communities during the coronavirus pandemic
In a time of crisis communication is critical but far too often disseminating that information fall short for those in Spanish speaking communities. One person trying to bridge that gap is doctor Patricia tea skid on. Who was honored by time magazine recently for her efforts and helping lead that Latino charge against covad nineteen. Doctor tase head on is here now to talk more about those efforts in doctor thank you so much for being with us this afternoon. I understanding your practice in Wisconsin more than 90%. Of your patients speak Spanish so. As are dealing with this corona virus outbreak tell us what's missing right now for your patients and for the community that you serve. You know Lou and Bela to have very current attack in epic is Terry says say it out. Fuller what caused it as it's like these crises so that counts rocks ash how live band. When these friend Amy is that it we did not have enough resources that Blair lane which I'm clutch and a prop eight vital community. That's it you've co chaired the lets you know health council there for twenty years how has this corona virus crisis highlighted. The vulnerabilities. Of your community. You know lack Phoenix community is Aaron saving editor C Ian. And they enable the fear our a lot of things that is front and make the elite Kirk. Hiding Michael mini DV constantly and that they got print and stop the Sox aren't. You know I'm next that people can't eight. Night and you and I mean. And we act in different and that means he means it costs they asked and they Steelers and the distillers and yet the week mania B and document that. Act Khomeni exactly how Allen not peak at grand ensure that. When I know that you recently get a Spanish radio appearances trying helps to answer some of your listener questions. And it ran for nearly three hours engagements so many callers what types of questions did they have for you. Yes we can only need that stability is sent soonest possible assault a class judicial Leon got to get a jump in there a deal. And is that it document while and then Sharon. And eat Blackberry that lessons are well and patients however it must sell the questions went out what in my blinked until now when night he was my job. Allen might link if they buried child life print that my Sammy. Now those are questions that so many people are asking. And for those who are watching at home tell us where they can go two to hear more from you and to find more information for their needs. Yes Blair since I icy and they information on you know went FaceBook H act you know how to console on separate let you know I ask you should we have been a scene. In what and and I heavily information on. They went some clutch and a prop beat and we had also lets face in government and charity needs of color on the eighty eat. I'm proud there was seem eat the honestly at La and information an initial flight information. I'll link as. Here are also important for so many people who use Serb doctor KS hit on thank you so much for being with us today we certainly appreciate all that you do. Think you're happy.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Dr. Patricia Tellez-Giron on her efforts to combat COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"70044866","title":"Bridging the gap for Spanish-speaking communities during the coronavirus pandemic","url":"/Health/video/bridging-gap-spanish-speaking-communities-coronavirus-pandemic-70044866"}