Cardiologists Save Man Who Had Heart Attack During Charity Walk

Cardiologist give man CPR after he went into cardiac arrest.
2:04 | 05/18/14

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Transcript for Cardiologists Save Man Who Had Heart Attack During Charity Walk
-- years and years of these pictures. Yes a chief cardiologist he also on the board of the heart walk. It's not his doctors first that's a look of happiness but the first time he completed the three miles and saved a life. We know that. He had. Sudden death. And we know that the heart rhythm was. He was he was dead. New. Technically so technical -- When somebody passes out and they don't have a pulse. It's an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest. And people often refer to a sudden death. And EU. When we checked for polls he didn't have a pulse for twenty million -- was. One other physician who was there. Checking for a pulse. He and a handful of walkers who happened either -- doctors -- knew CPR kept going so it's a very rapid. Down approximately four interest. Centered over the -- waiting a hundred times a minute worrying -- -- -- -- of the situation of knowing that this is somebody's spouse. Somebody's parent no sign of paramedics they were stuck in between -- closed -- -- bridge in the steel bridge. At least a half mile away from any access to a road that was the most stressful part about it news. How are they going to arrive and how much time. Have you not been there had yet to document in their heat. Not gotten any -- care. Which he had died. Absolutely. No there's no question about it no question seen an ambulance breached due to crowd was -- relief knowing that. He required. Twenty minutes of CPR. Plots. Different elation and tells us that in the -- since. What we gave -- -- had survived.

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{"id":23769921,"title":"Cardiologists Save Man Who Had Heart Attack During Charity Walk","duration":"2:04","description":"Cardiologist give man CPR after he went into cardiac arrest.","url":"/Health/video/cardiologists-save-man-heart-attack-charity-walk-23769921","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}